Dissertation proposal – Dublin convention Essay

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Dissertation proposal – Dublin convention

In the world besieged with conflicts and turmoil, the sufferers are not the people who are occupying the high seats of power and triggering the chaos all around. The real sufferers are the people who have been failed by their home state in the fundamental duty of protecting their life and belongings. Refugees and asylum seekers are the people who are running away from their country or region as they have the fear of getting persecuted because of regional or ethnic issue.

These people seek refuge in a country which can ensure their well being as well as provide a safe haven away from their dangerous situation in their home state. The Dublin Convention of 1951 states its purpose as “”To ensure that applicants for asylum are not referred successively from one Member State to another without any of these States acknowledging itself to be competent to examine the application for asylum. ” Aims & Objectives

This thesis proposal is to study the status of Asylum seekers and the role of the states established by Dublin Convention in 1951 which sought to provide a mechanism to identify and establish the status of Refugees. Reason for choosing this topic Present day condition, due to movement of displaced persons, has given rise to various issues like the definition of Asylum seekers, refugees and the misuse of the convention by people to get citizenship in the developed countries. The Dublin Convention does not control these types of issues for asylum procedures.

International laws have been passed for the protection of Dublin Convention. The main aim of the Convention is to determine the Member State responsible for checking an application for asylum. Application of this Convention will make sure that every asylum-seeker’s application will be tested by a Member State. In the absence of that safe and non-Member country can be counted as responsible country. It will remove situations of refugees being pushed from one Member State to another.

The reason for choosing this topic is to study and comment upon the relevance and application of the Dublin Convention in the current global scenario. Conclusions This section would focus on tabulating the results of the research and providing the conclusions to understand the current application of Dublin Convention of 1951 and subsequent protocol of 1967 to understand the mechanism of asylum status and the role of the states in establishing the rules to identify and define the status of Refugees.

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