Disparity between the Rich and Poor Essay

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Disparity between the Rich and Poor

The poor hating the rich has already occurred earlier a few years back, when people started hating the rich because they were selfish and use money inappropriate ways. People eventually started developing jealousy among these rich people, and slowly away did they start riots and protests. There are many reasons why this has happened.

Firstly this has happened, because these rich people and poor people are simply just different, any time there are different groups, especially two different groups. And over time people start to notice the differences because they’re divided into classes, and get angry because of the stereotypes of how rich people are snobby and look down on the poor, but it’s stupid to hate someone because of their money rather than hating on their personality.

Secondly the poor people are jealous of how the rich tend to lead better lives than the poor, which the poor resent. It’s because of how rich people feel the need to just use money, even if it’s on useless things just to get rid of the money, the poor people are jealous of how they’re throwing things away, that they’re never going to have in their lifetime.

And finally, the rich controls how the places run, governmentally and economically. And sometimes they feel like they’re being pushed around because the rich are already richer than them and now being able to bark orders at them, building even more resentment.

To solve this issue, the government can start out by setting long term and short term policies. Short-term policies can be used to help the poor people like insurance and help them cover the percentage of the salary and help them regain their path. As for long term policies, it should be provided for the extremely poor people have are almost bankrupt to begin with, meaning it will be the same as short-term policy but longer, for at least 1-2 years.

Secondly the rich can also help resolve this issue by holding many charity events for the poor people, charity events games that let them collect money. Then an extremely discounted store just for the poor people.

Therefore the poor will not have as much resentment on the rich after they have done this many things for them to live on. This is to build a harmonized society, for the rich and the poor to cooperate with one another.

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