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Essay on Disorder

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Human Endocrine System

Headaches, which can dramatically make a person irritable, snappy, and emotional can be another consequence of a hormone. During the female menstrual period, around ovulation time, estrogen rises to a peak. When estrogen is high a message goes out to produce a hormone called serotonin. This hormone makes the blood vessels in the brain narrow. This doesn't cause any pain, but when the estrogen, and...

Cystic Fibrosis, a Genetic Disorder

Cystic Fibrosis currently has no cure, but there are many treatment options to help minimize the effects of the disease to help people live well into their 40’s or 50’s. Nowadays there are a lot of organizations and charities aiming to raise awareness of the disease to provide researchers with enough money to hopefully find a cure, and with new aspects of the disease being learned with each pr...

Term Challenging Behaviour

In concluding this assignment it is important to note that various assessment methods and questions can be used and asked to form a hypothesis on Peter’s behaviour. It also is useful to focus on the antecedents and the consequences that may conjure and maintain his behaviour. The Scatterplot’ and the ‘ABC’ analysis were consistent with that of the indirect assessments enabling me to be mo...

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Circadian Rhythms, Sleep Habits and Disorder

Any activity that stimulates your brain or body (with the noticeable exception of love-making) can sabotage your bedtime routine. Stay away from horror movies, work e-mail, strenuous exercise, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and spicy foods. Also, watch out for unexpected side effects of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and natural remedies that you may take for other conditions. Chang...

The Autistic Spectrum

Aspies For Freedom is a group which is at the forefront of the Autism rights movement. The term "Aspies" refers to high-functioning autistics, or those with Asperger's Syndrome. The aim of Aspies For Freedom (AFF) is to educate the public that Autism is not always a disability, and that there are advantages as well as disadvantages. The group also campaigns against what is sees as abusive forms of...

Dementia Awareness Unit

The client with dementia should be safeguarded and protected from the conflictual situation, noisy environment, pain or unpleasant experiences which may trigger a challenging behaviour. The attitude of the people around, the way they speak or behave may influence the mood of someone with dementia. It is best to stay calm, provide reassurance and distract the person attention to something pleasant ...

Rehabilitation Specialist for Consumers with Mental Health Disabilities

Avoidance and Escape Behavior by most of the Staff, including myself. Most of us try to avoid any confrontation with this consumer based on past experiences. He is can be very difficult to control or reason with , and is viewed as “bad news.” The first impulse is to try to get away from him but, we can’t and this gives him power over most encounters. He has...

Serial Killers' Personality Traits

In conclusion, anyone is capable of becoming a serial murderer under the right conditions. Based on information from criminal psychologist, interviews, and statistics, serial killers are getting caught more and most are white males. Their childhood, mental disorders, and social standing do affect the very aspect of who they are. In case studies most serial killers have been abused. Only 15%-16% of...

Epilepsy a Chronic Brain Disorder

The things that I have learned when doing this project that will better help me when I became a teacher in the future is: that as a teacher you not only need to know first aid but you can do the little things like making sure other students know what is going on so, they don't make fun of that particular student. I also learned that by knowing the child's medication and recording what they were d...

Shaken Baby Syndrome

If someone feels so overwhelmed with the potential to hurt a child, they should stop what they are doing, calm down and then try to resume helping the child. (Medscape)Education is paramount to the prevention of SBS. The implementation of public campaigns and strategies that increase awareness is necessary. Healthcare professionals are a pivotal key to the success of these campaigns. The educatio...

Ethical Problems of Gambling Addiction

Decision making disorders could play a huge role in a gambling addiction. The addict will have problems deciding when to gamble and how much they should gamble. It has been argued (Evans & Coventry 2006) that the explanation of gambling behavior should be seen in the context of two different types of decision making - implicit and explicit systems. The importance of implicit (unconscious) proc...

Narcissism as a Personality Trait

The same is seen in other major religion (Ronningstam, 2005). Because of the effects it has been known to bring about, it is important that necessary steps are taken to ensure that it is avoided. This can be achieved through creation of transitional objects that could guarantee an individual oneness with independence from both the mother and nature at large. Family together with group rehabilitati...

Psychopathy as Antisocial Personality Disorder

The second study was focused on assessing patterns of passive avoidance manifestations as compared to the results in a study conducted by Newman and Kosson (1986). It found that the levels of passive avoidance manifestations were similar, but not identical, in the two groups. The third and final study consisted of assessing the levels of criminal charges received by both psychopaths and non-psycho...

Medicalization as a Kind of Social Issue

Childbirth used to have been done in a hospital under drugs. Now woman have many options on how they would like to give birth. Parents have refused to give children medication for their ADHD because they belive it wont benefit them. One example from the article would be the “ana is my friend” website that they mentioned. It is a website that helps anorexic people learn to live an anorexic life...

Research Of Lactose Intolerance

In general, foods that have gone through some processing such as cheese and ice cream tend to have less lactose because of the fermentation process breaks some of it down. Other foods that have small amounts of lactose in them are peas, lima beans, waffles, pancakes, biscuits, cookies, candies, non-dairy whipped toppings, and non-dairy liquid and powdered coffee creamers (“Lactose Intolerance”...

Dementia Syndrome as Mental Health Declining

Ensure that individual’s support plan is kept as up to date as possible and shows alternative methods to use for various fluctuations in their support needs, share the information with the rest of the carers., provide a stable environment and suitable surroundings as one of the main triggers resulting in somebody with dementia becoming agitated and confused is a change in their routine. To ensur...

Math Learning Disabilities

Although there have been many advances in understanding and treating math learning disabilities, there is still a long way to go. In many schools children only receive special education services based on their reading disabilities. Even though dyscalculia is classified as a learning disability, few children get the proper assessment and treatment that they need. (Learning Disabilities Online) Math...

Think Piece

Once I was genuinely preoccupied for my health. I thought I had diabetes because most of my father's family does and so I had myself checked and it turned out I am just perfect, but still at risk for my tendency. After realizing I am completely paranoid, I did conclude something. I realized that not only me, but many people like to pretend that they live a more interesting life than they actually ...

Overview of Short Story A Summer Tragedy

She may reconsider that she does not want to leave all the things she used to. Jeff makes her calm down. He conscious that if he is still alive with a stroke, Jennie will have to look after him. Jeff’s love for Jennie is also seen, as he prefers dying than the thought of burdening her. The resolution shows that they have to get away from all this and suicide was the only thing they could think o...

Neurosis and Psychosis Disorders

The DSM-III dropped the entries of neurosis and psychosis and split them down into subdivisions to try to enable better diagnosis but there is still confusion as to the differences between neurosis and psychosis. There is not only a difference between the two but also a difference in each individual case. Different things effect people in different ways and many people although share the same illn...

Jack Unterweger: A Psychopath?

Murdering prostitutes in grotesque ways was not something that a normal person would do, and Jack was able to do this without showing signs of nervousness. He would even appear composed and calm in interviews, openly talking about the murder charges filed against him. If I were his psychiatrist, I would use therapeutic communities as the treatment for Jack. With the help of a therapeutic community...

Bertha Pappenheim

Instead, he would have viewed Anna O through his collective unconscious theory. Jung may have gone so far as equating Anna’s paralyzes, and her dream of the snakes as corroboration to this theory. Siting the universal fears humans have of snakes, going back to the first book of the Bible. 5 To me, Freud would have approached Anna O with many questions concerning her childhood and possible sexual...

The Psychological Causes of Homicide

There is not one general group that categorizes all sociopaths because they can experience many different emotions that place them in different groups. Either way people who have these disorders display irrational behavior that can come in the forms of violent abuse. There is no cure for an Antisocial Personality Disorder but there are ways to manage and control a person’s behavior so that they ...

Modern Psychoanalysis

Less lengthy forms of psychotherapy is preferred today, such as psycho-dynamics, family therapy, and cognitive-behaviorism. Sigmund Freud completely changed how the Western world thinks of the mind and human behavior, by using and developing techniques such as dream interpretation and free association. Freud has been universally acclaimed as well as he was deeply disliked by many who knew him for ...

Scientific View of Pedophilia as a Disorder

The research also suggests that to call the offender a stranger would be misleading because the victim had already been acquainted with the offender for a time through the internet (Mitchell et al, 2004). Mitchell et al states that there is difficulty in confronting the reality that teenagers as young as 13 are willing to enter into sexual relations with people they meet online (Mitchell et al, 20...

Psycho: Shower Scene

Then darkness, at the time too weak to change the light manipulates the silver, darkening it and using it to leech away whatever life the white woman had remaining, and leave nothing but a husk, an empty shell that once contained the woman in grey. The body of the woman sheds a tear in the memory of what it had once been, as the tempter gloats, covered in light on the outside yet shady and dark un...

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Therefore, to prevent antisocial personality disorder must begin in early childhood, before the children are at risk for developing conduct disorder. Education for parenthood to lower the incidence of child abuse is necessary. “The only long-term solution, I believe, is Westman's proposal that we require prospective parents to meet the same minimum requirements that we now expect of couples hopi...

Causes of Insomnia

Another thing that will cause sleepless is noisy. In a noise environment, people can not keep calm and fall asleep easily. To sum up, many factors can affect sleep. Although the factor of insomnia varies from person to person, there are still several same reasons. The causes of insomnia can be summarized into three parts: psychological factors, life style and environmental factors. Therefore, pin ...

Dysfunctional Behaviour

The third approach to explain dysfunctional behaviour is that of cognitive psychology, which sees our behaviour as being a consequence of some internal processing of information. Much like a computer, we take in information, process it and respond in some way. If however there is a problem with the circuit boards in a computer, the response may not be what we would expect, and this is the same wit...

Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder?

In fact, he abstained from his own addiction long enough to get himself back on his feet and get a job and a video camera. He bought himself a video camera so that he could take pictures of female “models”, pay them, and then masturbate to his own photo collection. To this day, he says he no longer goes out in search for women’s feet to look at; instead he goes out looking for women who are ...

Gigantism and Dwarfism as Genetics or Medical Condition

Growth hormone deficiency is treated with injections of a synthetic version of the hormone. In most cases, children receive daily injections for several years until they reach a maximum adult height — often within the average adult range for their family. Treatment may continue throughout adolescence and early adulthood to ensure adult maturation, such as appropriate gain in muscle or fat. The t...

The gallbladder - Gallstones

There is no Black Box Warning for this drug. Interesting things about gallstones. The one thing that I found to be most interesting about gallstones is overweight people trying to lose weight quickly are more susceptible to getting gallstones. Some gallstones can be as big as golf balls. If a person has high cholesterol they are at more risk to having gallstones. When gallstones block the bile duc...

Fibromyalgia: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Tender Points

My aunt was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and few years ago and I can see how the on going pain and lack of a specific reason for the pain has affected her both physically and mentally, not to mention the many number of medications that she has been prescribed that have not helped. Although this is not a deadly disease it can affect people very profoundly. With on going research I hope that one day ...

Deafness and Fury

One family showed us how proud they were of being deaf, and they refused to let their child get a hearing implant because they thought she would loose touch with deaf culture. The other family showed us that they saw deafness as a disability. They decided to let their child get the implant because they felt it was the best thing to do for him and his future. Although being deaf can bring many obst...

Concussions in the Nfl - Communication Studies

If a player suffers a certain amount concussions, say five, over the course of his career then he should be forced to retire immediately and the NFL should offer the player a generous retirement compensation package. After all, a concussion is a concussion no matter which level it occurs at. Tennessee has taken the first step forward by forcing athletes to quit after four concussions; this policy ...

ADHD Medications Versus Side Effects

However the side effects that come with taking these medications can in most cases be controlled or coped with. Doctors have continued to prescribe meds like Adderall, Ritalin and Dexedrine because - quite simply - they work better than anything else. ” Study reveals, (2006). As stated stimulant medication can overcome the symptoms associated with ADHD, which in turn can lead to a more prosperou...

Analysing Strategies of Avoiding Suicide in Prisons

Additionally, within the private sector prisoners also mentioned similar complaints around staff. Although, not towards the lack of moral status that officers gave them, but to staff naivety and inexperience. Furthermore, the study highlighted that within the private sector staff lacked confidence and experience. Compared to public prisons, where it was a form of over-confidence among staff about ...

Psychological Disorders of Social Media Users

In summary, a basic data collection mechanism Crowd based profiling is proposed to collect patient and regular users datasets. Thereafter an own semantic and habitat features are gathered and adopted for the purpose of psychological disorder detection. It is concluded that to produce satisfying results, a combinational methodology of manual and automatic effort is needed. The mechanism we use make...

Hypovolemic Shock

Treatment of hypovolemic shock starts with controlling bleeding if possible, keeping the patient warm with the use of blankets and placing in a position of comfort. These methods will act to prevent hypothermia which can further complicate the situation. Have the patient lay flat (supine) with their feet elevated approximately 12 inches upwards, which is known as the Trendelenburg position, to inc...

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