Disneyland Florida is way ahead of Disneyland Hong Kong Essay

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Disneyland Florida is way ahead of Disneyland Hong Kong

I am a child at heart and loves going to amusement parks. I was bale to visit all Disneylands in the world. I am filled with many memories being in those places and I can say that nothing compares to Disneyland Florida. I went to Disneyland in Japan and Disneyland in Hong Kong but still, Disneyland Florida is the best. I wanted to discuss more about Disneyland Florida as compared to Disneyland Hong Kong which is the newly built Disneyland in Asia. When I came to Disneyland Hong Kong, I have lots of expectations since it is the newest Disney place. I am looking forward to seeing a bigger place with more fantastic rides and amusement features.

But to my disappointment, Disneyland Florida is bigger than Disneyland Hong Kong not only in size but in adventure. Disneyland Florida is consist of 4 theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. On the other hand Disneyland Hong Kong has only 1 theme park. Nothing much to enjoy because most of the rides in Disneyland Hong Kong is also found in Disneyland Florida. The name of Disneyland Florida is also different from Disneyland Hong Kong. The one set in Orlando Florida is called as the Walt Disney World because of its so many features, amusement parks and ocean theme parks.

It is too big that it really looks like a castle unlike Hong Kong Disneyland which is a very small castle. If you are visiting the Walt Disney World alone you might get lost and seek for a companion to enjoy the rides and sights. But when you are alone in Disneyland Hong Kong, you can still enjoy even if you go there by yourself. The rides in Disneyland Florida is arranged according to your preferences. There are places designated for Hollywood, the future world, the magical world and the animal world. There are also establishments like hotels and sports are like golf courses which will not bore any visitor.

Disneyland Hong Kong on the other hand is not arranged accordingly. The rides are just put anywhere mixed with other food establishments and areas. Going to Disneyland Florida is like moving from one country to another. This is because of Epcot, one amusement park in the Walt Disney World. This theme park has a section called World Showcase which features cultures of different countries. Visitors will really enjoy the different food, attractions, entertainment and displays about countries like Mexico, United States, Germany, Italy and many more.

Disneyland Hong Kong will just keep you in one place and will not make you feel traveling around the world. The Hollywood Studios in Disneyland Florida is also amazing. There is no such feature in Disneyland Hong Kong. The said theme park brought me into scenes and spectaculars in the movie scene. It made me feel like an artist too. I was able to see special effects and block buster movies there. When it was my time to pee, I am really disgusted with the cleanliness of the restroom facilities in Disneyland Hong Kong. The restroom is untidy and people are lined up to take turns.

Unlike the facilities in Disneyland Florida the restroom there is really clean and big enough to accommodate more people. During my visits at Disneyland Florida and Disneyland Hong Kong, there were times that I find myself asking for directions to get into different rides. Since I am a tourist, I expect more courteous staffs and employees. But then the staffs of Disneyland Hong Kong even made me loose my temper because they are not hostile and accommodating. If you will not ask question they will not answer you. They will continue with their duties and just ignore you with your inquiries.

If ever they will help me, they are tough and sounded like they are always in a hurry. In Disneyland Florida, the employee were warm and friendly. When I was looking on the map, any staff walking by would ask me what I was looking for. They are very nice specially for first time visitors like me. They are very eager to explain what you are asking and makes you feel welcome. Upon visiting Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Florida, I love the Walt Disney World even more. I will never get tired of visiting that place because it is the place where I feel the real magical experience.

I feel more secured walking along Disneyland Florida comparing to Disneyland Hong Kong. I enjoyed most of the rides in Disneyland Florida than Disneyland Hong Kong. Being in Disneyland Hong Kong is just like walking in one theme park of Disneyland Florida. There are few similarities in Disneyland Flordia and Disneyland Hong Kong. There are lots of differences that one can figure out when you visit both places. From the way it was created to the behaviors of staffs you will feel be more lured by Disneyland Florida. It is the most wonderful world of Disney that I’ve been to.

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