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Disney & AOL-Time Warner

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And during the last 20 years, media have been completely dominated by the USA. Convergence is the order of the day. A convergence accelerated by the growth of transnational media companies. Media industries are becoming more and more concentrated, and the dominant players in each media industry are subordinates of huge global media conglomerates. But in few industries has the level of concentration been so big as in media. The global media market has come to be dominated by seven multinational enterprises: Disney, AOL-Time Warner, Sony, News Corporation, Viacom, Vivendi, and Bertelsmann.

So if we make a simple relationship between the last two points, we obtain very interesting results: if what creates culture is the media, and the media are guided by the American; the Americans are creating our culture. All the information that is broadcasted in any media brings a charge of intentions. By this, I mean that even in the most serious news program, the journalist always gives a bit of his opinion about a new.

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Even if trying to be impartial, maybe through corporal language or rarely directly expressing their own ideas, the intention can be seen. But the type of TV that has affected more the cultures is the entertainment genre. Because through this artistic expression it’s easier to express different ways of life that through an informative type. Inside this genre, the most important parts are series and cinema. Inside the entertainment, the television genre that has influenced us much is the series.

The biggest difference between series and cinema it’s their duration.

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The series are broadcasted for a longer period of time, so their possibilities for affecting the population are bigger that for the cinema. Inside series, there are many different messages. Each of these messages, if we look daily to images of people who are on a different social level that us, can provoke us many contradictory feelings. The harder impact comes from countries who are on a very different social level that the USA.

If for example in Spain, we are looking to a series where a guy goes to a refrigerator, takes a Coke and drinks it, while he is talking about his job in a publicity enterprise, we wont be much surprised. But if the same image is broadcasted in a Third World country the impact will be very different. Not only because maybe they don’t have Coca-Cola in their stores (something strange, I know), or because they almost don’t know what a marketing company is. Probably the worst influence will come from the image of a man who owns a fridge by him alone, and is wearing some super-fashion clothes.

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