Disliking but Really Hating Essay

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Disliking but Really Hating

I really don’t like roller coasters. I think I can say I hate them but I’m past the point of dislike. I guess you can say I have a fear of them and I probably do have a fear but I won’t agree with it. I can’t exactly call it a fear because according to Google it is “An unpleasant Emotion caused by the belief that someone or something dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat. ” I am not afraid of roller coasters, I don’t think they are a threat or that they are going to cause pain.

I just hate everything about them. So the definition of hate could fit me better, “Feel intense or passionate dislike” I’ll admit it when I was little I was terrified of roller coasters, so I’d cry on all the rides until I would run out of tears. Especially the part when you’re stuck on the hill for a while so you look down and get even more scared. Now I just freak out when I hear a roller coaster going up the first big hill. Also when you’re in line and you can feel everybody’s anxiety in the air.

In general I don’t like them because of the feeling of getting lift out of your seats or even having your stomach in your throat. But there’s no point of the rides you wait in line for about 45 minutes depending on the day or ride and the then when you get there it only lasts for about 1 minute. My friends love roller coasters even if we have to wait 2 hours, they’ll wait there for as long as they can its insane. They say they like roller coasters because of the adrenaline they feel and how all the blood rushes to their head on a loop.

Then we start arguing because I say those are the worse parts on a roller coaster but everybody has their own opinion. I think you get the point that I don’t like roller coasters, but in case you didn’t here are the things I hate. I don’t like the long time you have to wait in line, everybody being obnoxious and loud in line, the smells of everybody’s throw up in the trash cans, some of the seats are all wet because people come from the water park (hopefully), and when your seated the person who works there presses the bars to tight so your squished the whole ride.

But those are reasons before the ride when you’re on the ride it’s a whole different story. People start screaming before the ride starts, and then if the person in front of you spits while there screaming it falls all over your face and it’s just disgusting. So there are some reasons maybe I’ll get over my hate in the future but for now. I’ll keep my opinion. So if you ever think you hate roller coasters just think of all the things you hate about it.

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