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Discussion Questions

2. How do data from qualitative research differ from data in quantitative research?

A quantitative research question is an interrogative sentence that asks a question about the relation that exists between two or more variables. Its purpose is to identify the variables being investigated and to specify the type of relationship, descriptive, predictive, or causal, being investigated. A qualitative research question asks a question about some process, issue, or phenomenon that is to be explored.

5. Assume you are a manufacturer of small kitchen electrics, like Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex, and you want to determine if some innovative designs with unusual shapes and colors developed for the European market could be successfully marketed in the U.S. market. What qualitative research would you recommend, and why?

The US market is very complex and extremely different than the European markets. I would employ a combination of interviews and focus groups. The interviews would allow the researches the opportunity to go deeper in the causes and effects of the choices that the consumers choose. This will enhance the data and information to allow the engineers to review the surveys in order to see if the concepts are true. 7. What dilemma does HealthPlus face, and why has the company turned to focus groups for insights?

From the readings, I read that Healthplus had a dilemma that was like well positioned given the growing concern over rampant obesity, especially among youth. .HealthPlus was right when it surmised that consumers are skeptical that something healthy can taste good. They also learned that there are some triggers they can use for their advertising to get people to eat healthy. The company turned to focus groups to get information on preliminary analysis on the focus group transcript content so that they can get their survey’s back quicker to see what they can fix before sending out to consumers.

Chapter 8

1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the survey to those of observation. Under which circumstances could you make a case for using observation?

The primary advantage to a survey over that of an observation study deals with the actual collection of data. With a survey the data collected is normally known and often is directed to specific answers due to the survey format where observational studies collect data in a haphazard way. However, observation can be a useful tool in certain situations. Observation is a very useful tool when the study must be concealed from the participants. In this manner someone can observe and the participants do not know they are involved in a study. This does present an ethical dilemma but often is required for successful data collection and study.

2. What ethical risks are involved in observation? In the use of unobtrusive measures?

Any observations that involve individuals who are unaware present ethical concerns. Individuals in observation studies that use unobtrusive measures can be sneaky. Meaning the study can be concealed from those involved without their approval. For example, studies that make use of one way mirrors, hidden cameras, hidden microphones, etc.

5. The observer–participant relationship is an important consideration in the design of observation studies. What kind of relationship would you recommend in each of the following cases?

a. Observations of professional conduct in the classroom by the student author of a course evaluation guide. Direct

b. Observation of retail shoppers by a researcher who is interested in determining customer purchase time by type of goods purchased. Concealment

c. Observation of a focus group interview by a client.


d. Effectiveness of individual farm worker organizers in their efforts to organize employees of grape growers. Participation

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