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Discussion on Napoleon’s Legacy

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Nobody can ever forget what occurred in the Fight of Waterloo– the death of military genius Napoleon– argued to be a terrific guy. And everyone can remember his conquests and guideline – the Napoleonic Era– the time in history when French and European lives transformed considerably. However not everybody can totally conclude that his rule either altered France and Europe for better or for worse. There are 2 sides. Some argue that Napoleon altered Europe for better because, initially, he believed for the individuals’s right of equality which later on brought to life democracy.

By promulgating the Code Napoleon– thought about to be his biggest tradition– people’s equality, contracts and properties were secured and this law likewise catered the development of industrialism in Europe. Second, he eliminated the Holy Roman Empire and limited the temporal power of the church which in the long run benefited Europe. Third, he was credited for breaking the feudal social structures through spreading of liberalizing concepts of French Transformation in the entire Europe.

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Fourth, his conquest brought up the spirit of nationalism, love for one’s country, in every European. This spirit was translated to many revolutions that modernized Europe. (http://www. pbs. org/empires/napoleon/n_myth/perspective/question3. html, 1995) On the other hand, some say that he altered Europe for worse since his wars against countries that opposed his superiority took millions of lives. He required every citizen to join the military and instilled in them that it was their duty to fight for their country.

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Second, he established a tightly controlled society which many believe was the model that Hitler and Stalin followed. As a matter of fact, Napoleonic Era was the model for modern totalitarian state. Third, he added to the resurrection of conservatism, the intensification of nationalism and the birth of romanticism. These phenomena led to the two world wars. (http://www. pbs. org/empires/napoleon/n_myth/perspective/question3. html, 1995)


http://www. pbs. org/empires/napoleon/n_myth/perspective/question3. html

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