Discussion and Lab Questions Essay

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Discussion and Lab Questions

Discussion Questions:

Who is someone that you feel you have a positive relationship with? What role do you think openness and truthfulness have in making this relationship positive?- I think that I have a positive relationship with my high school coach because she is always there for me if I need something and she listens to what’s have to say. Even though she is older then I am, I feel like we are best friends and we understand each other. I think they have an effect on the relationship because without trust and being open with them, they maybe will not trust you and May have a hard time believing what you are saying.

What effects do you think the various types of media (TV, Internet, newspapers, Facebook, etc…) have on your own life and your family? Do you think the overall effect is negative or positive? How can parents reduce the negative effects?-I think it has a big effect on the family because everyone is always on their phone and you never are able to have a family discussion on how things are doing. They are always focused on the internet, tv, phones, etc.

Lab Questions:

1.How can parents avoid temper tantrums?-

Parents can avoid temper tantrums by having a plan for when they are put into this situation.

2.What are the A, B, Cs?-
The A is attribute and that is what you would want your child to learn. The B is the behavior that you want your child to accommodate with what you have learned. C is the compassion that you want your child to compare with their behavior.

3.Do you think using consequences and following the ABC process will help shape a child’s behavior? Why or why not?-

I do think that the ABC process with help as long as the consequence is related to what they did and will make a difference. The child will also realize that you are serious and will want the consequences to stop to change their behavior.

1.What are some of the reasons why people may not talk to babies as much today as they used to?- They probably don’t talk to them as much because the parenting structures have changed and people now are much too busy.

2.Why do you think developing language skills is important for a child?

– I think developing language skills is important because it affects their ability to make friends, be sociable and emotionally good people.

3.What are some of the ways that parents can encourage the development of language skills?

– Parents can encourage the development of language skills by communicating with their child and listening to them so that they can practice and not feel as stressed when they talk to people.

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