Discussion Essay Topics

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema Article Discussion

In Laura Mulvey’s “Visual and Other Pleasure’s” chapter on Visual Pleasures and Narrative Cinema, an in-depth look at women and film using psychoanalysis. The following is a discussion on the above mentioned chapter and a comparison of the ideals discussed in this chapter will be made using other sources. Laura Mulvey’s primary argument in this… View Article

Discussion Board Questions

1. Ecological Approach: The work of the Chicago School and the impact of that perspective had a profound effect on research methods. What aspects of the ecological approach could be applicable today and why? Examples would be excellent! (You may have to search a bit for this. Please use not only our text, but do… View Article

A Discussion of “The Identity Dance”

In the article “The Identity Dance,” Gunjan Sinha (2004) refutes the idea that genes are solely responsible for identity and proposes that personalities are shaped by a combination of genes and life experience (pp. 1-4). Sinha uses the practical example of identical twins and relies on research studies to support the argument that personality is… View Article

Evaluative Discussion

The article being evaluated in this discussion is regarding information technology monocultures. Monoculture is a community of computers running same software. This same software technique is quite risky because an attack on a single system can turn down the whole community. This discussion describes monocultures and their vulnerability towards such attacks. A positive aspect of… View Article

Bonehead Writing Discussion

Why do you think Vetter chose such a renegade spokesperson as the voice for his ideas? The use of a renegade voice in this particular process of relating issues about the different points of consideration with regards the establishment of writing skills among individuals today actually increases the emotional notice of the entire composition that… View Article

Discussion Board Assignment

In biology a species is a group of animals that is able to mate and produce healthy offspring. According to the biology online dictionary, population is a group of organisms of one species that interbreed and live in the same place at the same time. This discussion is based on the Nile crocodile which is… View Article

Discussion/ Billing and coding

Gater (2004), states that medical billing errors slip ups are due to unfinished data or putting incorrect data into the system. The most likely slip up is not being able to fulfill the insurance policies. “The medical billing advocates of America” (MBAA), are assisting patients to make sense of there medical fees (Gater, 2004). The… View Article