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Discussing Jaws Essay

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In this scene I think the most effective shot/camera angle is the one in the water from the sharks point for view because you can see all the targets he could attack and you think he could of pick any of those but he picked the character that you see earlier in the scene arguing with his mother saying he wants to in for longer but she doesn’t want to but eventually she let him go in the water( kids listen to you mothers),the shot used in that scene is a low angle shot which goes up towards the victim and that is quite effective for the audience because they know what’s happening but the victim doesn’t .

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If you look at details you will realised throughout the movie that the director has set lots of details. The biggest one( for me) is the scene of the second attack and if you look closely you will realised that everyone that is a victim in that scene wears yellow, for e. g. the kid that gets attack went out in the sea with a yellow Lillo, the mother of the boy that gets attacked wear a yellow hat, and the boy that looses his dog wear a yellow tee-shirt…

one little detail that was drown to my attention was that at the end of the attack when everything went silent the boy’s Lillo lands on the beach half eaten . its like the shark was taunting them in a patronising way ,it was like the shark was saying ” thank you, but I don’t need that” and I think that was one of the most effective bit of the second attack . In the all film the director had built a constant build up of fear towards the shark. I think there are two main reasons why the shark is made out to be so scary the first one is the music.

The music is definitely one of the key factors of why the shark is so scary and that’s because the music itself is quite scary and give you this sense and because we associate the shark with the music we think automatically think of the shark as some one big mean killing machine. The second one is the fact that we don’t actually see the shark until the end of the movie but everyone know its huge because of all the details like massive bite chunks but no one know precisely how big which is quite scary because you don’t know what your facing .

Also I think that the fact is that the shark is attacking innocent people makes him out to be some kind of menace that’s just attacks for the fun and not because he needs food , for example a shark usually tries to eat as much as possible of his victims but in the first attack he just took a chunk out of the girls leg and didn’t eat the rest of the body. There is one thing that makes the audience hate the shark even more and that’s the fact that he attacks for the third time on the 4th of July -Independence Day.

One of America’s most important day and that means that by trying to ruin that important day he’s attacking America itself making him a public enemy ! also the fact that on that day Brody’s son gets attack and that bring a sympathy towards the Brody’s family because he’s the hero but even more hatred towards the shark. i think that the plot of the movie is quite good since its not boring and very tense ,in other word it keeps the audience on the edge of their seat the all way threw the movie .

Even at the end it doesn’t loose its tension . in my opinion I think that the end is the most tense bit of the movie because its bit were the fight against the shark and they only won by a little bit . I think that the tensest moment at the end is when the Hooper the oceanographer in a desperate action goes into the cage and tries to kill the shark with a syringe but he accidently drops it. At the moment your thinking what are they going to do? How are they going to kill that monster ?

but the Brody there to save the day and blows it up. For me one of the most important moment of the film is the end bit were Quint get devoured by the shark and if you listen carefully it’s the only bit were the director didn’t use any music in the scene ( like the terrifying scenes in “Jurassic park” and “Save private Ryan”)and that makes it one of the most important scenes because the music isn’t there even though its never been more present before .

Maybe the director didn’t put any music because he wanted a more emotional death, a silent one… Emrick Michelet Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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