Discussing Frankenstein Essay

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Discussing Frankenstein

Living in a society, we are accustomed to completing tasks within minutes if not seconds. With this fact in mind, it is very difficult to comprehend the amount of painstaking labor of Victor Frankenstein. The long days eventually turned into months and then into years. Victor observed worms in a graveyard, collected materials, and painstakingly created a being, complete with the intricacies of a human body and mind. After the realization of his greatest achievement, Victor looked upon the lifeless individual as his creation. As the father of this illegitimate being, Victor is already physically and morally responsible for the creature.

Since the very beginning of the experiment, Victor was entrusted with this being. Once the creature opened his yellow eyes, Victor relinquished his task to educate his design. Instead of worrying over the creature’s welfare and the interest of others, he drove from his mind all thoughts of the experiment. The monster was left to fend for itself, learning the basic essentials of survival by what he saw an the only food he could find. Only until the monster hurt something of significance to Victor, did the scientist feel accountable. It is no doubt the monster is now evil.

His unanswerable question in life is “why am I here? ” The man who gave him life fled from his side just like the rest of society. Victor, at this point in the story, has a choice. The scientist can either make another life form or suffer earthly torments from the monster. By not completing the request of the creation, Victor handed over the lives of his family and friends. Again, Victor can be held morally responsible for the deaths. Creation tells him to make another life form and everything will be alright. The scientist never realized his mistakes.

If he has only taken care of his creation, the deaths of his father, wife, brothers, and sisters could have been avoided. With such a brilliant mind, Victor could have been one of the brightest minds in science. If it were not for the irresponsible beginnings of the experiment, the evil in the creature may have never surfaced. Throughout the novel, Frankenstein, the theme of life and death is pervasive in connection to the moral ignorance of Victor and his monster. Evidently both characters showed a great quantity of wrongdoing; however the awaiting actions are all start from one: the creation of life from science.

This was thought of as an impossible task, but would prove to be Frankenstein’s foremost dream and goal for his youth and adolescence. Not realizing the severity of the consequences; Victor succeeded in breeding his creature, which would ironically lead to his future destruction. Being unaware to what a creature might do without the proper nourishment from family or friends, Dr. Frankenstein shunned his own creation even though he had the obligation as a parent to foster his child. However, not only did Victor overlook the proper care for his creation, but he also cursed and criticized the appearance of the wretched monster.

Frankenstein assembled the beast to look inhuman and rejected what he purposely created. The grotesque look of his child not only repelled his master, but also disgusted the rest of society. Although Victor did not physically commit murder, his denial as a father to his imperfect being was in fact killing the monster from the start. mention the part when F sees monster for the first time It is now obvious that Victor was the most morally irresponsible. He tried to forget his past, as he did not want to be linked with that daemon which was created by his own hands. Frankenstein exhibited selfishness along with small-mindedness.

He first ignored his family upon creating his child and then ignored his child upon escaping his workplace. Victor did not think twice and failed to resolve the problem before it augmented. Just a baby being brought into a new and evidently prejudice world, his creation did not know what to do. The monster had to survive in the dangerous world alone with no one to love or give love in return. He had no one to help him, no one to teach him, no one to feed him, no one to even talk to him. Whenever he helped humans, he would always receive harm. He harmed mankind because they harmed him first.

Unquestionably, if he were treated with love, he would return the love tenfold. However, Frankenstein was responsible for the miss-education of the child and for the actions of the child. Moreover, Frankenstein was responsible for the deaths of his friends and family. Being the cause of his own unfortunate destiny, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is clearly the one who demonstrated the least moral responsibility. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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