Discuss the View That Children Always Suffer When Both Parents Work Essay

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Discuss the View That Children Always Suffer When Both Parents Work

As more and more parents try to work at the same time, problem arises: Do their children suffer when both of them don’t have enough time to take care of their children? It seems depends much more on the children, especially their attitudes towards this issue. Children will probably suffer a lot when they are young (below 12 years old) and both parents are at work. This is because they are not old enough to take care of themselves.

They need their parents’ support, both mentally and physically. If parents neglect the growth of their children, it is quite possible that their children will get some bad habits from outside (eg, friends, medium), as they are not mature enough to distinguish right and wrong. And they need their parents’ consistent guidance to help them to be the best person they can be. Adolescent will suffer if they are not that self-controlled and both parents work.

They can easily run wild when both parents don’t pay much attention about them. Their academic results may be adversely affected. Also, lots of problems will arise, such as skipping school, teen pregnancy and smoking. When both parents work, they may not have enough time take care of their children. And it seems that there is a gap between them and their children as they don’t have enough time to interact with their children. They may not take action in time when their children have misbehaved.

And these may be reflected in poorer academic performance by the children, less attention given to their children’s health problem and higher rate of behavior problems of their children. However, if the children are well self-controlled and quite positive about the fact that both of their parents work, it seems to be a good chance for them to become more independent. Children at times will need to learn to do things on their own so it will not be a difficult task for them when they reach adulthood.

As they may have already learnt lots of important skills (eg: cooking, self-sufficiency), which they have to learn when they become adults. It also leaves their children a space for them to develop independently when both parents work. To support the family is probably the main reason why both parents work. Actually children are benefited from this. When both parents are employed, they are able to earn more money to raise their children and support the family.

They can provide a better living surrounding and a better education environment for their children. Of course, children will suffer when both parents work as they may not get enough care from their parents. However, at the same time, they will also benefit in other aspects, such as better education environment and healthcare system. Compared the gain and loses, I think children will lose more than what they have gained. Who wants to live without their parents when they are young, even though they know it maybe for their own good?

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