Discuss the following Essay

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Discuss the following

A staff meeting has been called for all members of the administrative department at the hospital where you work. Due to a change in patients’ needs, the hours of operation need to be modified.  Several scheduling options are presented and a decision has to be made.

Should this decision be made by a majority vote, or a consensus?

Support your choice with  reasoning from the decision making section on page 98 of your GMC.

I think that due to the time and hours of operation that it should be a majority vote for the reason or reasons outlined below:

1.Since there is only the matter of counting votes, decisions can be reached much more quickly with majority rule.

Majority rule does not require the same level of interpersonal communication. It is a democratic process which ultimately comes down to simple mathematics. This method of decision-making, outside of registration, is often anonymous. The nature of the process, in many cases, allows individuals to maintain their privacy, as others cannot know with certainty, for whom or what a person has voted.

A disadvantage of majority rule is the majority’s ability to vote against the interests and preferences of those in the minority without those groups or individuals being heard or involved in the discussion. Those in the minority may be disenfranchised and remove themselves from the decision-making process because they are aware they do not have the numbers to win or significantly impact the vote.

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