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Discuss the early life experiences of both Frankenstein Essay

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Shortly after returning from Ingolstadt, Elizabeth developed Scarlet fever. Victor’s mother cared for Elizabeth and nursed her back to health. But she also developed scarlet fever and died. The death of his mother affected Victor Frankenstein intensely, and it was one of the main reasons why Frankenstein started to develop a being “Invulnerable to none but a violent death. ” “When his mother died he was devastated, his initial grief and disbelief gave way to a determination and an aim in life, which was to find out a new life form that would be stronger and smarter and would not die from disease.

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“- Andrew Prothero

Victor Frankenstein had a particularly good upbringing. “No Human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself. “The opposite is true about the creature. The early life experiences of the Creature The Creature was ‘born’ as a result of Victor Frankenstein’s quest to create a being that couldn’t die. Frankenstein had left the Creature, and had gone to bed, but the Creature came to visit Victor Frankenstein in the night. “I beheld the wretch, the miserable monster which I had created. ” The creature was so large and physically revolting that when it was ‘born’ Frankenstein was terrified and fled.

“Breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. ” The Creature first has contact with Humans when He is thrown out of a town. “The whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me, until, grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons, I escaped to the open country. ” The Creature wanders the woods, freezing cold until He finds a fire. The Creature was intrigued by it’s warmth and “thrust [His] hand into the live embers. ” The creature learns to talk by eavesdropping on the De Laceys and talks to De Lacey, who is Blind. “I knocked. “Who is there?

” said the old man-“Come in” I entered; “Pardon this intrusion,” said I “I am a traveller in want of a little rest; you would greatly oblige me if you would allow to remain a few minutes before the fire. ” ‘ “Enter,” said DeLacy; “And I will try in what manner I can relieve your wants, but, unfortunately, my children are from home, and, as I am blind, I am afraid I shall find it difficult to procure food for you. ” ‘ “Do not trouble yourself, my kind host, I have food; it is warmth and rest only that I need. ” The Creature also reads Paradise lost and Sorrows of Werter

The Creator learns of his creator and the way in which he was created by reading Frankenstein’s journal. The Creature has no contact with the opposite sex, although Frankenstein starts to create a female partner for the Creature. “A turning point for both characters is when they meet and the creature requests for a companion. He goes to Frankenstein and demands a companion. ‘You must create a female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my beingi?? , this is a very reasonable statement in many ways, and one main argument would be that he is alone in the world with no one like him.

” – Andrew Prothero. When Frankenstein changes his mind and smashes it, the Creature is deeply upset. The Creature has no friends, being “too horrible for human eyes” and learns to expect Ill- treatment. “I expected this reception,’ said the daemon. ” The Creature lives in the forest and icy caves, a “hovel” and a “kennel. ” “[I] fearfully took refuge in a low hovel, quite bare, and making a wretched appearance after the palaces that I had beheld in the village. This hovel, however joined a cottage of a neat and pleasant appearance; but, after my late dearly bought experience, I dared not enter it.

My place of refuge was constructed of wood, but so low that could, with difficulty sit upright in it. ” Conclusion Robert Winston has said, “Nurture counts more than nature. ” I consider this to be true for the Creature, who is driven to commit His crimes through deprivation, neglect, and vicious persecution from Frankenstein and other townspeople, who in the 1700s would have treated the Creature as a freak. The Creature wasn’t educated in moral values, and so it didn’t know that it was wrong to commit the crimes that he committed. I believe that in Frankenstein’s case, He was nurtured in the very best way possible.

His parents were “Possessed by the very spirit of kindness and indulgence. ” But it was in his Nature to strive for knowledge and to experiment. When the Creature was ‘born’, Frankenstein was an extremely poor parent and had none of the skills required to be a good parent. I feel almost no sympathy for Frankenstein, as He was unable to face up to his responsibilities once he had become a ‘father’ to this creature. # “The character of Frankenstein is not portrayed as evil, he is selfish and single minded in his pursuit to create perfection.

He does not consider the implications of his dangerous experiments or believe that anything could possibly go wrong, his intentions he believed were good. Horrified at his failure and unable to accept what has happened he runs away from the problem, he is too vain to admit that what he has done is wrong. “- Andrew Prothero. I definitely feel more sympathy for the Creature, who has a desolate, lonely life. His crimes are forgivable, for he wasn’t educated in moral values. His actions were the result of extreme poverty and deprivation and ill- parenting.

“The creature does not show his evil side until he has won the sympathy of the reader from his constant rejection and desperate need for love, he is shown to be highly intelligent and extremely sensitive to the feelings of the people that he has observed. ” – Andrew Prothero I think this is how Shelley wanted us to feel. The early life experiences of the Creature and Frankenstein couldn’t be more different. ” The ‘perfect’ baby is not just the product of its genes. It’s more the result of good nutrition, education, healthcare – and love” – Robert Winston.

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