Discrimination of Women in Soccer

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Discrimination of Women in Soccer

Gender discrimination and sexism in soccer is hurting many young talented female athletes and their dreams of becoming successful in soccer. Gender inequalities are obvious, but nobody takes the time to try to solve the problem. Media, sport authorities, and many others are responsible of the sexism in soccer. The discrimination among women in soccer is decreasing, but still are many things to solve and many girl dreams of becoming a soccer player totally ended. Male dominance in soccer has become a problem for female athletes, who in the hope of pursuing their dreams in soccer, have been discriminated and treated in an inferior way than males. Soccer is part of our culture, and whether you’re a fan or not, you could probably name one male soccer player.

But could you name a women soccer player? Could you name Rachel Yankey? She has scored 17 goals for England National Team, the same as David Beckham, the star of England soccer team. Or could you name Maribel Dominguez? She migrated to USA when FIFA stopped her from playing soccer on a men’s soccer team in Mexico, and in her first year with the Atlanta Beat scored 17 goals and was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. But have you heard these names before? Women’s soccer has still a long way to go and evolve. According to Hughes (2011, March 11), media has a strong influence in what we see or what we don’t see and unfortunately just 2% of mainstream sports coverage is dedicated to women’s sport, so, how come people can learn or be interested about women’s soccer if sport shows don’t even give them a segment. Also is difficult to find information, matches results, or statistics of women’s competitions.


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