Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity

At a subsiding workplace, a young female employee is assisting with closing up her section of a store. Going into the stock room alone, a fellow male worker corners her into a caged section of the area. Here, the male assistant makes unwanted physical and sexual advances towards the young and scared female worker. What can any person do who is subjected under these horrible workplace conditions that clearly violate their personal rights? As early as 1965, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (or EEOC) has ensured the protection, promise and safety of those persons exposed to discrimination in disreputable workplaces (U.

S. Equal employment Opportunity Commission, 2000).

This presentation will include a description of a lawsuit against an organization while giving a brief summary of the EEOC’s important functions. Further on, this report will include the role of the EEOC in relation to the lawsuit along with determining if the case promotes social change and justification. Finally, a comparison will be included between the EEOC and press related accounts describing the incidents of the case while implementing strategies to ensure future compliance with the issue in a multicultural workplace.

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EEOC Civil Action Case No. 3:11-cv-00920 In Franklin Tennessee, a civil issue was required because a 38-year old general manager of a Finish Line apparel store was outrageously, sexually harassing, three teenaged female employees whose ages ranged from 16-17 (U.S. Equal employment Opportunity Commission, 2000). The Finish Line is a family oriented Indianapolis based sports store that sells sporty shoes and athletic apparel.

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Subsequently, in Nashville Tennessee the United States jury and officials found the Franklin store general manager guilty for statutory rape and sexually harassing the three, young female assistants who worked under his supervision.

On the second of January 2013, the EEOC released a National press statement that awarded the three teenaged workers 30, 000 dollars compensation which included back pay for the endangerment of the criminal acts that were placed against them in the workplace. The crime acted upon the young women was unfortunate, and no one should ever have to work under these conditions of sexual assault and harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was highly committed to ensuring reparations to their clients and victims of workplace oppression.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and its Commitment Like the story from above, everyday people are exposed to workplace discriminations and oppressions. The commitment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is to ensure persons are not being discriminated or categorized under Title legislation VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (U.S. Equal employment Opportunity Commission, 2000).

The Commissions responsibility is to justify and put into action provisions of legislation VII against criminal occupation practices. The EEOC is also in control of managing Federal legislations that make it illegal to discriminate against those because of disability, gender, race, color or ethnic background (U.S. Equal employment Opportunity Commission, 2000). Overall, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sets an example reprimanding those who illegally act on workplace discrimination and harassment.

The Role of the EEOC in the Nashville Tennessee Finish Line Harassment Case The role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was to reinforce Title VII in the case of the three young women filling against the charges placed on the Finish Line store manager in Franklin Tennessee. The lawsuit case indicted Finish Line with endangering three teenaged female workers to unlawful sexual harassment. The EEOC implements federal laws that prohibit employment discrimination and categorization placed on defenseless employees.

A statement documented from Kenneth Anderson, EEOC lead trial attorney exclaimed that, “It is unfortunate that any woman has to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace, especially teenagers. Equally reprehensible is the fact that the harassment was at the hands of their much older male supervisor. We commend these three young women for the tremendous courage they displayed in confronting egregious sexual harassment by their supervisor” (U.S. Equal employment Opportunity Commission, 2000).

Press Related Comparisons between the EEOC and other News Accounts Due to the unspeakable acts placed on the three teenaged girls in Franklin Tennessee, discrepancy is requested which protects and provides little information about the entirety of the Nashville Tennessee Finish Line case. Most news accounts support the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions case that involves the two parties present at the U.S. District Court Jury. With both news reports, there are no names provided which preserves the safety of all individuals involved.

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Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity

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