Discrimination Against Minority Groups

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I am writing to express my grave concern over discrimination against minority groups in our society.

Hong Kong is a multicultural and religiously diverse territory. By the way, there is still some conflicts exist between different religion. The minority always have an unfair treatment. Domestic helper is an example of it, the salary of them is much lower than the legitimate minimum wage set up in few days ago. Besides, the minority children always become the target who were laughed at and bullied in school.

These problems make me cannot ignore what they are facing. But now, the government’s policy is not enough to solve the problem.

Recognizing the urgency of the discrimination problem against the minority group, the government should tackle on all fronts, including publicity, education and policy enforcement spending on racial harmony. First, we should intensify the public knowledge toward different belief and race, to avoid misunderstand between different culture. The effectiveness of education on discriminate prevention cannot be overemphasized.

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The best way to change is to reform from the heart.

The government should endeavor to do more to educate the public about the grave consequences of at loggerheads between races. It may affect the whole community, the drawback may much serious than that you think.

To foster the racial harmony, government can do it through the media, such as newspapers, advertisements, radio etc. these can spread the idea of “we are one”, in Hong Kong it should not divide into different group, we all live in Hong Kong, all of us want our home become better, so we should work together to improve of city, but not make some troubles to it.

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Finally, government should put our resources to help the small group in our society. Government should treat them as our locals in all aspect, our law should also provide support and protection to them. And for their children, we should also lead a hand to them on language learning. Many of them because failed in the DSE Chinese, lose the chance get into school, I think government can set up some Chinese class for engagement.

If such publications or behaviors persist, there will be no return way. It is time for the relevant parties to join heads and rectify this weird phenomenon. Yours faithfully, Chris Wong

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