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Discrimination Against Biracial Children Essay

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“Biracial children face a myriad of concerns on a daily basis. Research reveals what common sense suggests–that all these problems are rooted in racist, biased, and discriminatory social attitudes, attitudes which children encounter from their first moments of pre-school. The sense of injustice that they instinctively feel when they sense these biases will manifest out of discrimination towards one or both of their racial backgrounds, as well as towards the fact that they have more than one racial background.

Examples of these concerns, and manifestation of racist attitudes, are concerns shared by parents of bi-racial children, who also suffer the emotional brunt of discrimination against their children. An understanding of the suffering of parents, as well as bi-racial children, can provide for us not only a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and concerns that bi-racial children and their parents experience on a daily basis, but a means of providing the proper environment thereof. “

Sample of Sources Used:

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