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Discovery of the Western Hemispheres

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (475 words)
Categories: Christopher Columbus, Colonization, History
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Since the discovery of the western hemispheres, it had made voyaging possible to marked a transformation of a period. No one knew how life would be in the new world and what it was expected. The colonies came to be by experimenting with modern societies which were not comfortable and peaceful. American colonies were established with the reason of religious freedom, economic opportunity, and how they should live. Colonial living was very diverse compared to the Native Americans.

Men were the ones who made all of the family decisions and earned a living by farming and women home raising children. The Native Americans were here first with a tremendous economic and social life adapted to the ecosystems they lived in. The people were hunters and gatherers of plants and were all across the plains. Living in a place their whole life and seeing new people bring diseases and take land for themselves.

Merchants emerge with the most power in the middle colonies.

Britain’s transatlantic shipping networks laid the foundation for rising economic productivity and cultural change. People from many nations settled in the middle colonies. Trade and crops were the primary economic factor of the middle colonies where it was busy ports and the center of trade. Middle colonies had a pleasant climate and fertile soil crops that included wheat, barley, and oats. The middle colonies had the most diverse economy with a mix of farm and manufacturing goods. William Penn who founded Pennsylvania, limited his power to established an elected assembly and promised religious freedom to Christians. This religious diversity attracted by many different settlers.

Life in the colony and Native Americans land was very different than life today. Some views of the colonial times that were different then today were family, employment, and social activities. Being in the 1700s was filled with hard work and dedication to one’s land and family. Women in colonist were generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. After marriage, the husband was the head of the family. By the 1700s, woman’s status had improved in colonial America. Colonial women did not have equality with men, but their condition significantly improved from their state in Europe. A woman’s life was determined by the position of their husbands or fathers. For example, Lady Frances was a woman of noble birth married to Berkeley who during the bacon rebellion she stood up to protect her and her husband personal interest. Gender identity did not exclude a woman from the political realm if in other respects she qualified as a wielder of power. While for Native American women had more liberty within the tribe because besides taking care of the children and household, they would farm. All crops were planted, cultivated, cared for and harvested by women, all in which was done with the benefit of metal tools.

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