Discipline Problem Among Teenagers in College

Every education center has their own rules along with our college. The guidelines made to guarantee our college system run efficiently. As a student, we must follow the guidelines but not violate it. We ought to be a good example to the next batch. Unfortunately, there are lots of discipline problem took place in the very first semester just such as skip class, sneak out, cigarette smoking, coupling and others. As we understand, university student are the picked one to continue their research study in higher level of education after test.

But, our college still have various discipline issues that need to be minimizes.

The meaning of discipline is a training expected to produce a particular character or pattern of behaviour especially training that produces ethical or psychological enhancement. Based on the definition, we understand that trainees in college has high standard education environment and have rigorous guidelines too. However, why does discipline issue still occur in our college? Why does this outstanding trainee still make a discipline problem? Don’t they think that discipline issue that they make will impact their future?

That’s why we want to investigate whether excellent students have fewer discipline problems or not.

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In our research, we have three main objectives that we will tag along until end of this project. The first main objective is to know whether excellent student has high discipline problem or not. Secondly, what is the most popular discipline problem in our college. Lastly, which gender has the higher discipline problem.

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Based on our research, we want to find out why does the students still make discipline problem instead obey the rules and what encourage them to make discipline problem.

As we all, students of college, living in a hostel without no one guides us like at home, we tend to make mistake without knowing it as a discipline problem and we easier to be influence by our friends. That’s why we need to think other suitable method to solve the problem or at least minimize the number of discipline problem in our college that is after we done doing this research. After the exam result announced, we knew that excellent students would definitely stayed in this college. That’s why we will give our questionnaires to random students. Hence, we assume that excellent students have less record of discipline problem.

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Discipline Problem Among Teenagers in College

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