Discipline is the practice of training individuals to carry out

Discipline is the practice of training individuals to carry out rules using punishment and rewards to correct indiscipline. Therefore discipline also ensures that the public services appear respected and well formed. Furthermore discipline so essential in the public services to operate successfully, all uniformed services are well ordered in a similar way which includes clear rank structure and clear specified roles and responsibilities which respond to discipline to work efficiently. For example rewards can be used in the armed forces as they use medals to applaud those individuals who served in line with rules as well as they carried out action above their duties, as well as rewards lead to motivating individuals to heave well in a good manner.

Moreover individuals with higher ranks can give out orders and commands to people with lower ranks as well as discipline does not only apply to individuals with lower ranks, it applies to everyone at all ranks, and they should submit to the same disciplinary code.

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The role of discipline ensures that all uniformed services carry out their duties in fair and well mannered way. Likewise discipline will improve individuals sense of duty and honour for example individual in the uniformed services will come in contact with many different people in line with their duties. As well as the role of discipline within the public services also means that they are the role models to the public ad that people look up to them.

Rewards and punishment can be used in the uniformed services to influence individuals into carrying out better performance and at a higher standard for example in the army forces if an individual is training the camp and does not respond to the commands given out they are forced to do some physical punishment and these can be a long run or push ups.

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In justification the army forces are educating the recruits to be well disciplined and how they have to behave to be able to complete the course and be able to serve their country around the world. As well as they need to show discipline while wearing their uniform as they are representing their country. Without individuals being disciplined these could lead to corruption, life loss as well as public services could have less respect from the public.

Rules and regulations in the uniformed services lets individuals know what is acceptable for them to do and what is not. For example there is this rule that uniformed services cannot consume alcohol while they are on duty as well as before their duty. This is proven to be right because if the public services would consume alcohol before their duty or while they are on duty they would not be in the right mind set as alcohol can have bad effects on their physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore this can be justified as public services are here to protect the public and implement laws, but if a police officer was under the influence of alcohol and he would stop you for drinking in public this will go against the police officer as he would not be able to justify if you are for example the harm to the public. Going in to more detail with the police service, it is essential that they have good discipline because as a police officer you need to follow orders that are given to you correctly and effectively such as arresting the right suspect or being punctual. Without discipline in the police force the place would fall apart as orders will not be followed correctly and will create effect others and this could also lead to be more targeted by their boss.

Maintain order in society public services maintain order in society through rules and regulations for example all the public services impose laws against murder and etc. as well as they aim to prevent it. This can be proven as if a paramedic decides not to help the individual in need and the public would witness it the public would totally agree with the paramedic and they would of followed and did the same because they would think that this is acceptable. Furthermore the main part of a paramedic is time keeping they have to make sure that they always arrive on time meaning as quick as possible and for them not to miss out on important briefing as well as this will keep other informed on the steps they are taking. Other paramedics have higher ranks and more responsibilities these are usually the ones that work and operate the machines and make sure they are working properly this will lead for their benefit as they hard work will been noticed and they can get promoted, due to the fact they need to be well discipline so therefore they have the knowledge of what they need to do, because if they don't that will lead to individuals life loss, the public to loose their trust, and they will also loos their job.

Why orders need to be followed - Orders need to be followed in public services so therefore its professional and task get done properly because if orders in public services are not followed it would be so unprofessional and nothing would get done when they would be asked to do. For example this could be associated when it comes to the fire services dealing with a situation (putting out a fire). It is very important that individuals fully understand the orders that they have been given also they have to make sure that they follow these orders because if the fail to do so this could lead to situation becoming worsen meaning more lives are in danger. Furthermore discipline needs to be followed by the fire service so therefore their task are done with care and efficiently as it comes to individuals life. Fire services in any case and it doesn't depend on their rank they all have the duty to protect peoples life and properties from fire. As well as their duties include attending emergency incident such as car crush, therefore they need to make sure that they follow the order that are given out so therefore people lives are not at risk.

Social order and Anarchy - If discipline is not implemented when it comes to social order this will mean that no social orders will be present and this Social order and anarchy means that there is an sufficient amount of discipline and social order. Anarchy is when there is no rules. It is important that discipline is present specially when it comes to uniformed public services as if there was no discipline individuals would have no rules to go by meaning that individuals would be free to do whatever they like and this could have a negative effect on the public as they could see this as a advantage for them to misbehave and no deal with any consequences this would also make the public loose respect for the uniformed services. For example if the paramedics would have no orders their job could put someone's life at risk, as moreover discipline allows the to communicate with their team successfully and work closely together as well as share relevant opinions, due to the fact this means that the individuals admit medical restrictions and assign to their job role. Without discipline the ambulance services would not be able to save lives and achieve success within their job.

Overall in my opinion I think that all public services should be well disciplined, due to the number of crimes that are happening and how quickly they are rising each year, so therefore the crimes and the danger is minimised by the uniformed services and we can feel safe. As well as I also think that discipline is effective, in some cases such as the army services have to apply their discipline in a more stricter way as they have weapons and this is an dangerous equipment , if they make one wrong move that could affect a lot of individuals around them as this is life threating.

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Discipline is the practice of training individuals to carry out
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