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Positive Discipline In Everyday Teaching
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The strict implementation of Child Protection Policy serves as calling for teachers to apply positive discipline in everyday teaching. This may sounds challenging at first, but may result great effect when properly practiced every day. For a positive discipline to be effective, consider the following:  Engage pupils in establishing rules of behavior Pupils’ participation in establishing or creating classroom rules is important. This is one way of engaging pupils in their learning and making them aware of the rules that…...
The Key to Effective Classroom Management
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Classroom management is probably the most important factor to a classroom and can be the most challenging and difficult thing. Expectations need to be known from the beginning. Teacher expectations affect classroom management in many ways. Students will feel secure knowing their teacher has certain expectations about how the day will flow, how procedures will be followed, and how instruction is given. We all like to be prepared for what is coming, and students are no exception. I have found…...
Introduction to Dissertation
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Introduction Background to the problem The indiscipline problem is ranked as a major issue among students of secondary schools in Mauritius. In fact, this problem is prevailing not only in Mauritius but also across the many nations around the world. According to the Longman contemporary dictionary, indiscipline refers to “a lack of control in the behaviour of a group of people, with the result that they behave badly”. It occurs when students breach the rules and regulations of the classroom…...
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