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Disastrous Effects of Social Media on People

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Essay, Pages 1 (205 words)



Essay, Pages 1 (205 words)

Social media has proven to have disastrous effects on people. Yet some may argue that the benefits outweigh the detriments. In his article entitled ‘Is Online Social Networking Good or Bad?’, Cristen Conger argued that there are many benefits to online social networking because the online interactions are not very different from the face-to-face ones and can occur frequently. Conger believed that social media created gateways to socialize with anyone, at any point.

Although this may sound wonderful, it is not always true in every case.

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Many studies done across the world have found people feeling incredibly isolated living on social media. The researchers revealed cases of depression, loneliness, and even suicidal thoughts linked to social media. It was announced on CBS News that from 2007 to 2017, the suicidal rate in teens had gone up 56 percent. Many of these suicides occured because teens felt unwanted and worthless because social media stole their security from them.

Many of the teens never made contact with the outside world, except over social media.

Humans were created to socialize together face-to-face, not over a screen. Without getting to see one another in person, loneliness can set in and awful things can begin to run through people’s minds.

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