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Disaster Management and its Types

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The source of this nickname Is for all practical purposes lost from the beginning. Read more Communication is a major outline in case of any major disaster particularly when the traditional network system already in force brake down. In order to strengthen communications, it has been decided that police network (POLLEN) will also be used for disaster management. For this purpose POLLEN communication faculty will be extended to District Magistrates, Sub Divisional Magistrates as well as the Control Rooms.

For emergency communication, mobile satellite based units which can be transported to the site of the disaster are being procured.

A group was constituted to draw a comprehensive communication plan for disaster management and the report has nice been received. This provides for a dedicated communication system for disaster management with built in redundancies. Besides the satellite, communication and education can play a proactive role in mitigation through awareness about the types of disaster and as to how prevention measures can be taken up.

Two type of information needs in disaster management Pre disaster information: Question arise that how to get pre disaster information? It is getting from the research and analysis department of the geography in the country. Post disaster information: After the disaster, our first Job is to find out where and where it was occurs. What is the next step to help people? Now a days Satellite communication play a major role in disaster management communication. Communication facilities can be set up for rescue and relief operation purposes. That type of early warning system developed at the different area’s by itself.

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Here are the disaster communication facilities: system is in terms of handsets which can be easily taken inside of the affected areas and sends information by direct audio communication. The MS Type C reporting terminal developed for the sending short messages directly through satellite in remote area. AES-SING is a system which can send video pictures of the affected area for online view from the control center.

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