Disagreement case study Essay

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Disagreement case study

Disagreement between practitioner, child and a young person

Sometimes children can be rebellious if there passing thru difficult time in their life or some stage, however we must not go into any argument with any child. Some times it’s good to give child and ourselves a little extra time alone to think again. Settings behaviour policy must be followed so the child or a young person will not be confused and they will know every consequence of their actions. We could call a another person to be with us at the time of talk to prevent any accusations, we must inform the manager just in case parent needs to be involved and also to allow communication between colleagues in setting to be up to date. Being informative and reasoning may allow child to understand further our point of view and in some case that may help issue to resolve. We must be sensitive, show them with our body language, that we are listening their point of view without interrupting their talk. Show child a respect and treat them like the adults, ask for mediator if you think that will be better for both side.

Disagreement between Practitioner and adults

In any work we all will have disagreement some point in our work life. Most of these disagreements are results of miss communication. To resolve this disagreement and prevent it to escalate we need to talk about them as soon as possible, the longer we leave the problem lye, becomes more difficult to get it resolve. It’s important to follow settings policies to make sure everyone behaves in an appropriate manner. Sometimes clash personalities, or our other qualities can make other side hard to cooperate with, in that case it’s good to arrange a mediator who can be voice of the both side and can mediate to resolve the issue. It will beneficial to be informative all the time, so other side can understand fully about the issue and the outcome of any actions. Other person can have their own personal problems so it’s good to show some sensitivity to their needs and questions may prevent lot of disagreements. Always we need to report our manager what happened and we need to keep manager up to date, so we will have the support we need if the thinks gets out of hand or escalates.

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