Disadvantages of Using ICT in Education

Making 10 – The teacher’s role is to state how many pieces of fruit they would like in the bowl.

The children can then drag the different pieces of fruit to the bowl and then drop it into the bowl until they reach the number asked. This can be adapted by choosing smaller numbers for children of less able ability, and for the children who are more able, the children can be asked to place higher numbers of fruit in the bowl. How many fruits? – The children count the fruit and then click on the correct number from the ones given. Praise and encouragement is given after.

What’s the number? – This is similar to the second game in which the children are counting the fruit in the bowl but the children have to enter the correct number instead of it being automated The game is good as it provides plenty of support and also encouragement and praise when then the children give the correct answer.

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Even when they don’t, the response is not negative but encouraging for the child to try again. Other online resources include dictionaries to help children learn new words. There are also other websites such as Cbeebies.

Cbeebies accommodates children of all ages with links to websites, fact sheets, assessment examples and tasks to encourage the learning of new skills and to educate them in a number of areas in the curriculum. E-books and E-chapters are other resources that can be useful. These can provide detailed insights into areas of learning, which children can read and build on existing knowledge and skills.

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One of the main theorists in education is Lev Vygotsky. He believes that “Social interaction plays a fundamental role in the development of cognition” (http://tip. psychology. org/vygotsky. html)

By using ICT; Hardware, software and online resources, social interaction can be achieved and development can be supported and built on. When using hardware such as the one mentioned above or a Roamer, social interaction is very visible. Children can work in teams in order to proceed or attain the correct answer. Social interaction also comes into play when using software such as Tizzy’s First Tools. The children can work in pairs, therefore expanding on their knowledge and working together to attain the correct answer.

This works the same with online resources.


There are many different advantages and disadvantages of using ICT in education.


If content Rich software is used it can aid grammatical knowledge and improve/illustrate spelling. The work itself is more legible and children can often enjoy working with ICT more than any other method of teaching. It can appeal to many learning styles and is easy to use as a structure or base for knowledge (especially software). Resources in ICT are believed to be good learning resources in the Social Constructivism Model of Learning.

“The key idea is that students actively construct their own knowledge” (http://www. mcgraw-hill. co. uk/openup/bookshops/tk/tk_dec06. pdf) By using content-free software, a child can actively build on the knowledge that the teacher would like them to. The teacher is able to input the information he/she thinks the child requires in order to gain the most he/she can from the activity. The child can then build on the knowledge to acquire new information.

Disadvantages of using ICT

For one there is sufficient lack of teacher input and the knowledge that can be passed over to pupils. Children can be distracted from the activity and worry too much about quantity instead of quality. They can get easily distracted. On the other hand the children can get fixated by colours, fonts, structures and may not benefit as much as they could from the activities through ICT. Only a limited amount of information can be transferred through ICT. Not all knowledge may be relevant and some useful knowledge may not be given to the child and could lead to recession.

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