Disadvantages of the studying abroad

The studying abroad is the problem of youth of Kazakhstan The most difficult for a young person is looking for profitable occupation. «Do you speak English? » – a question that can be heard at any companies even they are not foreign ones in our country. And if you confidently answer «Yes, I do! », you will be supplied with the high-salaried job. It will be good chance for you to take a place in a prestigious company and develop yourself. English language is the most important language in the world, because it is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a “world language”.

As English is an world language, it is the very first problem to know English to make a good carrier. It is expected to know it. They think if they are taught abroad, they will be chosen without any difficulties for this or that position.

This necessity leads them to abroad to study. Is it right? However, do you need to study abroad to make a brilliant carrier? Cannot we gain it studying at home? “Bolashak” is the president’s program for youth of Kazakhstan.

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It gives a good chance to study abroad for everyone. Even the president of our country supports the study abroad. During the 20 years, there were studied thousands of students and most of them work at the state influential companies. However, do not forget about disadvantages. For 20 -year history of the program 333 people could not complete training – mainly because of their own poor progress while getting knowledge, and 47 students of Bolashak did not return to Kazakhstan.

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About 300 graduates could not find work at home. Does the president want this? “Tens of millions of dollars we spend on overseas training, and thus, of course support the foreign universities. Let’s maintain ours”

President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev

President of the Center of International Program “Bolashak” Sayasat Nurbek reported about unemployment of youth of our country. According to him, about 300 graduate students “Bolashak” program could not find work at home, despite the excellent education abroad. One reason is the factor of “high expectations”. “Students come to the country and believe to take a leadership position with a big salary and an official car. Alas, the real economy demands tough enough. We need employment experience and understanding of the industry and the specifics of this particular production in Kazakhstan. For example, college graduate comes to us, and I have not been putting his department director since he took the necessary steps to understand the specifics of the industry well even he has an excellent education.”

President of the Center for International Programs ” Bolashak ” Sayasat Nurbek

Recall, at the 9th of February, deputy of Majilis Saginbek Tursunov offered to employ graduates of ” Bolashak ” at the public authorities. Parliamentarian doubted “whether it is necessary to continue this program and further” as part of the students cannot find work at home. Nowadays, many people continue their studies outside of their country. They think that educations in other countries is better than in their own country. In the world, many students are continuing their studies overseas. For example; Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China and USA are the most favorite countries to study. It is believed that the studying abroad is the most significant way to improve your world view. Also the studying abroad gives many students a kind of prestige in their home country. There are some students who want to study abroad because of the pure pleasure and excitement it brings. But living in a foreign country might be difficult at times.

As I mentioned before studying abroad has advantages, however it has some disadvantages on students. Some of the disadvantages are being away from your country, spending too much money. The first disadvantage is spending too much money. As Calvin (2007) mentioned “For students who want the opportunity to study overseas during their time in college, the cost of doing so can seem daunting. According to the Education Abroad Center, studying abroad in China costs $8000. Italy? $10, 000. Paris? Up to $15,000 “. Also as my friend Dosan Nursultan, student of SEGI University in Malaysia, said “The single ticket for a flight from Malaysia to Almaty costs 90 000 tenge. Return ticket is 180 000 tenge. So, not all can take liberties.” But also many students say that studying abroad is not expensive. They think, it is normal to spend that much money for studying in a foreign country. In my opinion, there is no doubt that it takes money to study abroad. It all depends on a person, because even if person goes to a foreign country it does not guarantee that this person will have successful future in life.

If person has a goal of getting education, he will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal and it does not matter whether he is studying in his homeland or abroad. On the other hand, you can travel in the world with that much money and you could have more world outlook than you would have studying. The second disadvantage of studying in a foreign country is being away from your family. From my perspective, living in a foreign country, even if it is with a host family, means you might be doing things you may not have done in your home country. These include cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, washing clothes, figuring out transportation, making living arrangements, setting up accounts for cell phones and utilities, etc. those are just some of examples of disadvantage of being away from your family. There are many opinions, which shows being away from family is a wonderful experience for everyone and it could be a wonderful opportunity to be independent. Also, there are a lot of situations when teenagers where so overwhelmed with living on their own, without parent control, so they started bad habits. It is third disadvantage.

For example, skipping classes, constant pub visit. “We send bachelors, but they do not suit us, because the low level of training due to the fact that English is learned in the pub, that they were not the best specialists. “Bolashakers” are different, so we basically take smart, but they are not so much, “- said Talgat Musabaev at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. I think he wanted to say about the “independent” of our students in other countries. The next disadvantage is culture shock. The trauma you experience when you move into a culture different from your home culture. A communication problem that involves the frustrations that come with the lack of understanding; the verbal and nonverbal communication of the new culture, it’s customs and it’s value systems are only a few of the problems. The differences that people may experience include lack of food, unacceptable standards of cleanliness, different bathroom facilities and fear of personal safety. In addition, you will probably have times when you miss your family, friends, food, and everything familiar. Almost everyone goes through some culture shock.

When you realize that it is impossible to be at home any time you want, you will understand how difficult being away from your family is. It is a time for learning and experimentation, and it’s also a time to build your responsibility and sense of self-direction. Overall, it’s a time of discovery and that’s why it’s easy to follow “influences”. Keep in mind that they grow up in another culture, and I am afraid they will forget their own nation, own Kazakh culture. Teenagers are easily influenced by others. The influences may adversely affect their view of the world as no parents giving them advice. Ambitious young people without life experience can join extremist communities. It is hard to resist “influences” of all sorts. Most of them are not related to violence. For example in Germany, they use Neo-Nazis music to attract young people or foreign students to join into extremist groups. That is why the parent should control their children, because you do not know what awaits you on border out of the country. The last is studying in a second language. Many people think that studying your major in another language is wonderful for everyone.

There are many students who want to go to other countries to learn another language. That is not true for me because you can learn the language in your country. Also many people think that they just need to live in another country and they will learn the local language, but this is not completely true. You still need to pay attention and study. There are people who live in foreign countries for many years without knowing the language well. You have to learn some information about language when you are in high school. On the other hand, studying university is the most difficult part of education. Many people are not able to study at a university even if they study in their native language. For international student it is really hard to study at a university in a foreign country. Because of the difficulties in learning, they can keep up with the program and can complete their education. If I do not trust my ability to communicate, I would prefer to study in my country.

In my opinion, the educational system in our country is improving from year to year. In conclusion, everything has two sides: advantages and disadvantages. Each of us should accept that studying abroad has good sides as well as bad one. For sure many students would get over all those disadvantages but how about others who might not be able to handle all of them. It might not be good choice to study abroad for all students. They have to figure it out before they leave their country. Otherwise, those issues would affect all your life with failure. Studying abroad is a good opportunity to chose, but the advantages and disadvantages must be weighed very carefully before a student leaves the country.

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Disadvantages of the studying abroad

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