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Disadvantages building Essay

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Disadvantages building

Building as an approach to the development is a cost ineffective method especially if the considerations and the formulation of the policies are done in a hurried manner and are therefore not effective. Though building may at times be cost effective, the general trend in economic circle is rise in expenses. As organizations spend additional time in building the associated cost will be on the increase and therefore the cost of both the materials and the skills needed may be such that the effectiveness and the benefits of the system are overridden by the costs and thus the project or plan is declared a failure.

The process of development is such that as time elapses focus on the main objectives may shift and thus derailment from the objectives of the project is likelihood that organizations are forced to content with. It is a general concern of many in the organization that the benefits of automation if the system is built may be due for too long to be of any real objective value to the organization. Advantages of Buying.

Buying as an approach to automation of office Helpdesk support system is instantaneous and therefore eliminates the uncertainty involved with continuous decision making. In the modern operating environment the need for timely implementation and formulation of policies can not be overemphasized as organizations often jump at the tiniest of opportunities to gain a competitive edge over industry players. Buying an automated system goes in line with this and is seen as a sure way to exploiting opportunities.

Moreover, the support associated with this method is highly specialized and the organization is always updated on other available options. The planning is less costly and easy as it does not involve much future considerations, moreover the effects of the implementation of an automated system are immediately visible to the organization as a whole. Disadvantages of Buying There are a number of factors that must be put into consideration they clearly come out as disadvantages of buying an automated Helpdesk support system (Endrijjonas, 2005).

Buying is highly dependent on the vendor and therefore the quality of the product after the initial consideration on the product is without the hands of the business and therefore organizations’ are left in the hands of people whose operations they cannot control. Moreover, the ability of the providers in meeting the objectives of the organization in implementing an automated Helpdesk support system is brought into question.

The providers are companies from outside and are therefore not well conversed with the working and needs of the organization (Francois, 2001). In data collection, first hand information and experience of the population is quite important to the accuracy of the information. In addition, there is the risk of loss of information in translation of the company requirements to an organization which is implementing the automated Helpdesk support system for commercials purposes and not necessarily for the good of the organization. Critical survey.

In determination of the best mechanism to implement an organization needs to look at its requirement and the conditions that best describe its operational, compare them with the two available options in terms of advantages and disadvantages and a decision made on the best mechanism that will bring the most returns and least costs. In implementing an automated system the organization first of all seeks to ensure that the data it keeps is up to data irrespective of the nature of the operational environment that include heavy transactions.

Moreover, the data is required to be of high integrity, kept in a secure manner and be highly accessible. In consideration of this factor buying an automated Helpdesk support system may appear to be the one that meets the needs of the organization. But on further analysis it appears that building a system is best. In an environment where the integrity of data and integrity is of high importance, it is necessary to come with a system that is tailor made for the organization.

Organizational security system breaches are best known by those who work internally, in addition complexity of the breaches increases with time and so does the data requirements increase with time. Therefore, under the consideration of the importance attached to data, in low security levels it would be sensible to buy an automated Helpdesk support system. Otherwise, the inclusion of the users become mandatory and thus building an automated Helpdesk support system is more feasible.

Secondly, consideration on the available resource and finance base show that the business has and will continue having a sustainable finance base for quite sometime under normal circumstances. Therefore, under this consideration building or buying an automated Helpdesk support system are both feasible. The strategies of the organization are aimed towards customer satisfaction. The implementation of an automated Helpdesk support system irrespective of whether it is built or bought will aid the achievement of customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, in a competitive industry the degree of customer satisfaction matters a lot. Organizations will therefore tend to adopt mechanisms and strategies that will lead to increased customer satisfaction in the long run. In comparing the two implementation model, buying leads to an immediate increase in customer satisfaction, which reduces with time as their expectations broaden. On the contrary, the customer satisfaction associated with building grows with time and is rather sustainable.

In combination of this factor and the nature of the organization in that it is seeking to establish itself in the industry building seems to be the reasonable option. In consideration of the data formats that are implemented by the organization, the complexity and the need to observe high levels of conformance to latest data formats makes buying very desirable. But on the other hand, the modern world is characterized by high levels of data transfer and data availability and therefore getting information and training staff members should not be difficult for the organizations (Endrijjonas, 2005).

And therefore buying and building are equally feasible under this consideration though the equality is largely reliant on how well the building processes are handled. The culture within the organization is well developed. A well developed culture requires a very systematic implementation of change process and therefore the introduction of the system should be done in a manner that gives the members ample time to adjust and appreciate the new automated system (Endrijjonas, 2005).

Therefore, the organization is best advised to build the system; moreover, the building process largely borrows on the feedback from the users and thus the system is integrated into the organization continually and is a part of their culture. In buying, resistance to the system will be experienced which may affect the performance of the system and it is therefore more feasible to build the automated Helpdesk support system. Strategic decision making is based on an all inclusive system of governance.

This is the system of governance adopted by the organization and therefore any strategic direction should complement it. In deciding to build, the organization will have created a platform that will ensure that the organizational members are involved in the formulation and implementation with regard to implementation. On the other hand, in choosing to buy the automated Helpdesk support system the organization will involve its members only in the formulation phase after which the implementation is largely dependent on an external entity.

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