Dirt Bikes Usa Project Essay

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Dirt Bikes Usa Project

* How does e-mail benefit an organization? Why might an organization want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours? What is an e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization? Companies have increased productivity, decreased costs and found new marketing methods using email to attract new customers and keep previous ones up to date on product changes, information sales etc. This helps a work group to communicate to each other affectively and easily keeping all party’s up to date.

The advantages of email in business can be seen in small and large organizations. Due to the fast speed of the Internet this allows businesses to work at a faster pace and communicate more effectively. Decreased cost and speed is some of the business advantages of using email. A business might want to limit how an employee’s uses email during work hours to prevent lawsuits from someone outside the company and by not using emailing for personal use during business hours would bring up better productivity from the employees.

There is a cost savings as well because of employees may receive an email message that was infected with a virus and when it is opened it then spreads to the computer and then to the network that infects all the other workstations. Some of these email viruses also send messages back out by using your contact/address book. This costs the company as they try and control the virus and ensure none of the other workstations get infected. An emails path, after it leaves an organization, is usually meant to go to a certain person or persons, but can end up spread throughout the internet by hackers.

This is non-encrypted text that is routed from your organization back to their Internet provider through routers and hubs that typically routes to other internet providers and back to the person or persons. Since there are so many locations a hacker can capture your open email message and use it wrongly. * What is the effect of instant messaging on organizational networks? What are benefits and drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization?

Instant messaging helps an organization that is spread out to different floors, locations or states as most of them tell you if the person is signed on and working, in a meeting or away from their desk. This not only helps as send a quick message via instant messaging is faster than email but it also lets you know if the person is available to actually read it once it arrives. The draw backs of using instant messaging in an organization could allow employees to use inappropriate langue and could allow someone to harass other employees.

Typically if an organization uses instant messaging they also monitor it and have rules stated in there Information Security Policy. * What are benefits and drawbacks of Web page and search engine use in an organization? Should managers monitor employee e-mail and Internet usage? Why or why not? The benefits of web pages and search engines are that a business can put research into projects, create revenue with their own web page as an advertisement adding detail about the organization. On the other hand a drawback would be that employees have access to misuse these search engines and web pages.

This could also affect the persons job performance as they are busy surfing the internet instead of working on the assigned tasks. This is typically also noted in the Information Security policy to help guide employees so they don’t get them self in to trouble. As a company resource that costs managers should monitor employee e-mail and Internet usage to ensure that they are not being abused. Most business know have audit requirements and those personal messages you send would end up taking space up that costs money to the organization to store copies of these for legal and audit purposes.

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