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Directed Writing

Judging from the letter you sent me last week, you seemto be doing just fine. I would like to apologize for not writing sooner; the ton ofholiday homework I received from school made it virtually impossible for me topen a reply any sooner than today.My answer to your question would definitely be a yes. I think that youwould make an excellent Head Prefect. Your out-going and down-to-earthpersonality should be enough to convince you of your undoubted capability totake on this task. Your friendly and helpful nature would make it easy foryou to get along with the students and reprimand them in a tactful way.

I am also sure that you would take your responsibilities seriously as you are one ofthe most responsible people with whom I have made my acquaintance.Furthermore, your academic performance outshines your peers makingit clear that you are an intelligent and hardworking student. This in itselfproves that you are capable of dealing with heavy workloads. Goodnessknows, with the subject combination that you are taking, your workload isanything but light. Plus, I know that you especially have a knack for solvingproblems.

Though being a Head Prefect is without doubt a tiring job, theexperience you have gained from being actively involved in co-curricularactivities should help you to pull through. Being the Captain of the BlueHouse should give you a vague idea of what it is like to lead the school, while as the secretary of the English Language Society , you should be an expertat handling paperwork and organizing events. Besides that, by virtue of youbeing a school debater , your speeches would surely be outstanding.The strategic location of your house should also give an extra shovetowards running for the past.

As it is within walking distance from theschool, you would be able to sacrifice time and effort in carrying out yourduties as Head Prefect. Your academic performance would also beunaffected as you are a consistent student with good study habits. Inaddition to that, you have a further advantage of being popular among thestudents as well as the teachers .Having read of all your good qualities should make it an easy choice foryou now, don’t you think? I hope I have helped you to make up your mind, butremember that no matter what choice you make, I will be rooting for you. Letme know of your decision. Till next time, bye!Your friend,Hisha

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