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Directed Ethnographic Study In Mcdonalds Cultural Studies Essay

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I went shopping in the metropolis Centre of Bradford on 13th December 2009. I was attracted by the obvious logo of McDonalds, the dramatic gay bill of fare drawing every bit good as free-wifi drawing in the transparent windows. Subsequently, I entered the eating house, as usual in China in my memory and waited in the squad line every bit good as prepared to order. Meanwhile, I found the bill of fare in UK approximately the same in China except for a little difference.

For illustration, McDonalds beefburger in China will non straight put the natural cheese into beefburger.

The staff with a Christmas chapeau and the McDonalds uniform smiled at me to assist me order the bill of fare. Surprisingly, the waiting clip was comparatively short, the same as the McDonalds in China. Thus, I am reminded of the four elements for the success of McDonalds concern systems that refer to efficiency, calculability, predictability and control.

The ornament in McDonalds is warm with aureate, white or mirror walls, light tusk wooden tabular array tops, blue or deep ruddy shock absorber with aureate chalkboard wooden chairs and upholstered armchairs in deep ruddy colors.

Contemporary art or framed photographs passing on the walls are besides attractive. It is deserving adverting that in the corner, many pictures are displayed on the walls around the kids playground country, particularly those of McDonalds Characters such as Ronald McDonaldGrimace, Ham burglar and Birdie the Early Bird. In general, the ornament of McDonalds is aimed at doing the shop expression more insouciant and sunny, which is similar to Starbucks.

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Compared with McDonalds in China, the ornament manner is similar, but in the kids playground country, there are more installations like slides, wooden Equus caballuss in China. Apparently the installations are the same in Bradford and China. Behind the nutrient functioning country there are legion engineerings like automatic Gallic Fry machines and assorted certain merchandises like happy repast which are available to the clients about outright through the carefully regulated and controlled system.

With regard to people, there are several nationalities such as British, China, Pakistan, and Africa among the clients and the staff. Most people wear leisure apparels and overall the colors of peoples apparels are dreary. It is clear that the country of age is extended, up to eighty- year- old people, down to two- elderly kids. Interestingly, the most frequent combination is an grownup accompanied by her or his kid, who plays the plaything from happy repast every bit good as chows nutrient. Meanwhile, McDonalds is the best pick for immature people to bask the nutrients after shopping as the nutrient is cheap and convenient. It is deserving observing that both in Bradford and China I found people are more likely to be treated likewise in McDonalds, irrespective of their race, sex, sexual orientation, or societal category. Consequently, they have a high consciousness to take the empty boxes and litters to the rubbish before they leave. Specifically, the staff with a smiling to everyone and supply efficient goods and services to run into the client.

A brief overview of the position

A sum-up of my chosen theory of globalisation would so follow. This is such a huge subject that I would hold to concentrate on merely a little portion of globalisation theory. I am peculiarly interested in speculating the globalisation of civilization. Consequently, I would be well-advised to see the Mcdonaldization, as one of a figure of globalisation procedures.

Ritzer2004puts forward the position that globalisation can be in general identified as the world-wide proliferation of patterns, dealingss and societal life, meanwhile, the people tend to portion a new planetary consciousness across continents.

In footings of the speculating the cultural facets of globalisation, Pieterse ( 2003 ) suggests that there are three major attacks divided into cultural differentialism, convergence and hybrization.

More specifically, foremost and first, with respect to enduring difference, Pieterse ( 2003 ) admits that the differences in civilization perspective exist among the different parts and states. To a great extent, in this theory country, some people like Huntington ( 1996 ) believe that the people tend to prevail the local civilization, civilisation and remain culturally distinguishable. However, Ritzer ( 2004 ) believes that comparison to the radically position of Huntington, the being of a distinguishable attitude is due to a clang between the developed states like the Unites States and the underdeveloped states like China. With the coming of an progressively modern developmentonce the economic develop to a certain degree, the developing states like China will seek and accommodate other civilizations to come in the planetary market wholly, while at the same clip the developed states tend to welcome what they provide. Therefore, in Ritzers position, Huntingtons sentiment is likely to be on the short clip.

Second, with regard to cultural turning sameness, Ritzer ( 2004 ) points out that planetary assimilation is a inclination, which means to some grade the civilizations of the universe are regarded as turning progressively the same. To exemplify, Ritzer ( 2004 ) besides figures that cultural convergence is characterized by the visual aspect of Cultural imperialism, Westernization, Americanization, Mcdonaldization and universe civilization.

Last but non the least, with respect to ongoing commixture of civilizations, harmonizing to the position of Pieterse ( 2003 ) , hybrization emphasized on turning diverseness combination of the alone mixtures of local every bit good as planetary, thereby ensuing in alone phenomenon in different countries. It is of import to indicate out that to some extent it is the same significance of the glocalization, which has been indicated by Robertson ( 2001 ) . Besides, Robertson ( 2001 ) distinguished the difference between globalisation and glocalization, for illustration, the nucleus constructs of globalisation include capitalist economy, Americanization and Mcdonaldization whereas the chief thoughts of glocalization include hybrization, creolization and heterogeneization. To set it in another manner, he believes that the result of globalisation procedures in hereafter is likely to be the on-going open-ended commixture that is glocalization.

Consequently, with regard to Mcdonaldization theory, it is critical to indicate out that the sociologist George Ritzer ( 1993 ) coins the McDonaldization in his book The McDonaldization of Society. He describes that McDonaldization is the procedure by which the beliefs of the fast-food eating house seem to play a dominant function in the increasing figure of sectors of American society and the remainder of the universe.

On the one manus, Mcdonaldization is clearly closely related to a planetary cultural position every bit good as the influence of McDonalds and McDonaldization has a dramatic spread of the world-wide homogenisation of societies. To exemplify, Bryman ( 2003 ) along with Ram ( 2004 ) indicates that McDonaldization is non merely the extension of the sameness of nutrient merchandises but besides the proliferation of a series of concern rules every bit good as operation systems around the universe. Furthermore, it is deserving observing that Big Mac Index is the important index of McDonaldization, published by a esteemed magazine, the economic expert. It demonstrates the buying capacity of diverse currencies in the universe dependant on the local monetary value ( in dollars ) of the Big Mac as an indistinguishable basket of goods and services in each state. Meanwhile, Thomas ( 1999 ) in New York Times Magazine states that Big Mac Index creates the ubiquitousness and alone function of McDonalds around the universe.

On the other manus, Mcdonaldization may be considered as non merely an illustration to drive the globalisation procedure but besides a major motor force in the hereafter development of globalisation. More specifically, harmonizing to the sentiment of George Ritzer ( 2004 ) , true, a certain grade of glocalization happens with Mcdonaldization, but the bulk of facets of Mcdonaldization relate to globalisation that the being of homogeneousness more than heterogeneousness is related to the procedure of Mcdonaldization. For illustration, Robertson ( 2001 ) demonstrates that in glocalization theory, societal procedures are contingent and depend on the different geographic countries while in globalisation theory, societal procedures are deterministic.

Analysis of the McDonalds within Globalization theoretical account

An analysis of McDonalds based on the theory of the globalisation of civilization every bit good as Mcdonaldization would so follow. To set it another manner, the cardinal issue would be discussed that the fact of ethnographic surveies and a general sociological apprehension of the globalisation civilization every bit good as Mcdonaldization, which is consistent or inconsistent.

In footings of differences in civilizations bing among the different parts and states are demonstrated by Pieterse ( 2003 ) , which is the same narrative. To exemplify, presents McDonalds for Chinese tends to be an first-class topographic point to hold fun together in peculiar the pupils group and parents comply with kids while Mcdonalds for British is likely to be a convenient and cheap topographic point to cover with hungry. More specifically, Mcdonalds for Chinese kids is regarded as a pleasance land more than a fast nutrient eating house. Therefore, different civilizations lead to the different ornament designs in the kids playground country, which seems to supply more installations like the slide and the wooden Equus caballus in China.

However, whether Mcdonalds American civilization will be changeless in the long-run as suggested by Huntington ( 1996 ) or will last for in a short-run as indicated by Ritzer ( 2004 ) is still to be proved by clip. It is deserving observing the 3rd possibility of Pieterse ( 2003 ) , where it is may be likely to increase diverseness association of the alone mixtures of local civilization every bit good as Mcdonalds America civilization and so leads to a alone phenomenon in Mcdonalds among different countries.

With regard to Mcdonaldization and the influential globalizing flow, an illustration of planetary civilization assimilation is argued by George Ritzer ( 2004 ) , which is a true narrative.

In the first topographic point, it is cosmopolitan acknowledge that McDonalds is the taking planetary foodservice retail merchant which occupies a cardinal topographic point in American popular civilization. Harmonizing to McDonalds functionary web site, the statistics points out that McDonald ‘s operates over 31,000 eating houses in 119 states around the universe and employs more than 1.5 million people.

In the 2nd topographic point, in adverting McDonalds worldwide operation system, the McDonalds staff in Bradford told me that in general McDonalds operation around the universe is about the same because any McDonalds systems are associated with the centrally controlled system of American central office and every person who is working in McDonalds knows what is expected of him based on unvarying McDonalds operation and preparation manual. Specifically, the McDonalds staff in Bradford besides told me some ordinances and paperss like 8 stairss doing a McDonald ‘s Big Mac harmonizing to the McDonalds operation and preparation manual.

Therefore, the state of affairs in McDonalds for workers, clients and directors is around the same. For illustration, a twelvemonth ago I lived in China or this twelvemonth I live in England, McDonalds for me offers the best available manner to acquire from being hungry to being full due to the similar convenience every bit good as efficiency both China and England. It is deserving observing that it besides corresponds to the theory of the dimensions of Mcdonaldization indicated by George Ritzer ( 2004 ) , who claims that efficiency, predictability, calculability and control through nonhuman engineering are the of import elements of the McDonalds success. In other words, efficiency is by and large good to clients who are able to obtain what they need more rapidly.

As respects Mcdonaldization the nucleus constructs of globalisation demonstrated by Robertson ( 2001 ) during the observation, are found to be a small different. The chief ground is that the local schemes of McDonalds in different states reflect the integrating of McDonalds American civilization and local civilization. For case, McDonalds directors in 2008 realized that the dramatic Olympic Games would be held in Beijing began on August 8th 2008 at 08:08:08 PM, when the people around the universe would be happy with exhilaration and pretense. Therefore, McDonald ‘s unveiled four new Olympic-themed telecasting advertizements developing its “ one ‘m lovin ‘ it ” trade name kernel with the thaumaturgy and ideals of the Olympic Games to pull people in peculiar Chinese.

On the other manus, it is deserving observing that George Ritzer ( 2004 ) who admitted there are some things which reflect the characteristics of glocalization in Mcdonalds whereas the chief characteristic corresponds to the globalisation and the sameness more than difference in the procedure of Mcdonaldization in modern-day. To a great extent, it is true, that although there are some alterations based on different states the demand for the selling specific selling schemes of Mcdonalds, the chief concern theoretical account and civilization thought of Mcdonalds is changeless like nonhuman engineering service.


Overall, it is of import to indicate out that the state of affairs between McDonalds in Bradford and McDonalds in China was same similarities instead than differences, which takes into history abundant elements such as concern system, nationalities, behavior, bill of fare and ornament based on the questionnaires, observation, communications and memory. Meanwhile, the fact of ethnographic surveies and a general sociological apprehension of the globalisation civilization every bit good as Mcdonaldization are likely to match with each other chiefly.

Subsequently, there are some points I am partial to repeat as followed.

First and first, true, a comparing of McDonalds in Bradford and McDonalds in China on the footing of an ethnographic survey reveals that McDonalds has become a symbol of American civilization symbolizing cheap, convenient and nonhuman engineering service in peoples heads with a planetary influence under the header of globalisation.

Second, the state of affairs of McDonalds and Mcdonaldization reflect the features of planetary cultural homogeneousness beyond the characteristics of differentialism. To set it in another manner, the Mcdonaldization is a type of the thought of world-wide homogeneousness of societies through the influence of transnational corporations.

Third, in my personal position, the development procedure of McDonalds possibly considered as a procedure of covering with the struggle of local civilization and American McDonalds civilization and absorbing each other in order to equilibrate this paradox. Therefore, McDonalds paradox to a great extent can be considered as the competition between globalisation and interregional in footings of cultural facets.

Last but non the least, about the same as Pieterses ( 2003 ) sentiment, every bit far as I am concerned, Mcdonalds in future may be probably to turn with diverseness connexion of the alone mixtures of local civilization every bit good as Mcdonalds America civilization and so make a alone phenomenon in Mcdonalds among different countries. Consequently, the result of globalisation procedures is open-ended taking to a mixture in the hereafter.

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