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Dinner at Uncle Boris's by Charles Simic

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (442 words)
Categories: About Myself, Alcohol, Friendship, My Family
Downloads: 28
Views: 268

Uncle Boris’s Wild Dinner

Dinner at Uncle Boris’s reflects the family as competitive, but also caring and loving. Throughout the dinner the underlying mood of this dinner could be described as friendly banter between family members.

Throughout the dinner, without hesitation, one can say with certainty that Simic’s family enjoys each other’s company. This is displayed when they eat dinner and endlessly drink wine until early the next morning. While arguing in a playfully argumentative style, the family as a whole seems to bond over bickering and catchy remarks.

When discussing politics in the beginning of the dinner, Simic was arguning with his brother, then Uncle Boris says “None of you two know what the fuck you’re talking about”, then it was back to dinner as usual. I think this loose language describes how close they are as a family because they share exactly what they’re feeling and don’t true to sugar coat it.

Another reason I believe they enjoy each other’s company is because Simic and his brother stayed up with Boris all through the night talking while Boris wife had gone to bed at an earlier time. Cleary Simic’s family relishes the fact that discussing in an argumentative fashion is just another normal dinner, but it also doesn’t tell the whole story.

All through the dinner most of the discussion, everyone expect Boris’s wife, showed a competitive nature between each other expressed through dialog. When eating at the dinner table, politics gets slipped into the conversation and Simic’s brother yells that Simic is a Communist. At every point in this dinner everyone said exactly what they want in any manner they choose.

Throughout the course of the dinner there were many arguments, but also love and compassion. This can been seen where Simic kisses Uncle Boris on top of the head or when they stay up all through the night talking and eating food. I believe that by using the dialog that the Uncle Borris and the brother used it shows how tight nit the family truly was. During the dinner they displayed affection as well as “Guy Talk”. Another reason I believe this family is close is because of how much alcohol they drank with each other. Over the course of the dinner they drank multiple bottles of wine and eventually were very intoxicated. This describes how comfortable they were with each other knowing they were in a venerable state. Uncle Boris even began to stand on the sofa and begin to sign.

To conclude, I believe everyone at this dinner’s behavior and actions describes them as fun loving caring people who like to poke fun at each other.

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