Dillon V. Champion Jogbra Case Essay

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Dillon V. Champion Jogbra Case

Going green is the new trend now in corporate America. Everyone wants to save in some type of way. Human Resource Management is one of the biggest changes in corporate America today with HRM being the main source for all employees.

When someone is employed majority of the time they have to deal with the HR department and this is where they fill out all of their forms and paperwork to make sure that they are legally able to work in United States. It is also where they go to fill out their tax forms and sometimes this is where they do their initial orientation. Times are changing and the changes could be great but then can also cause disappointment.

The technological change going on today is the movement from paper to all electronic submissions. Some at first thought this to be a great initiative but later seen that I could cause problems. Take Cari Willis the manager of HR e-business solutions at IBM, she stated that it was absolutely a breakthrough for the HR department, but since the breakthrough happened it got harder to provide self-service in order to meet the needs of more than 140,000 active employees and 116,000 U.S. retirees (Greengard). IBM’s human resource department is almost all electronic today allowing for electric benefits enrollment, succession planning, e-recruiting, and online learning.

Even though this new revolution has dropped cost and depleted paperwork there still needs to be someone who can manage the task most efficiently (Greengard). There is a lot that goes into building an e-procurement system; one had to determine what can all be included such as payroll, benefits, and training. You also would need to distinguish what type of access to have available to employees, whether they can access at work or at home.

There is now a product out called TrainingNet which is a good example of how an e-marketplace can transform business to business transactions. TrainingNet aggregates various types of instruction such as classroom, on-site, online, books, videos, and CD-ROMs from over 1,200 providers (Greengard). This hub allows employees to access courses online without having to sit in a classroom with an instructor. Genzyme Corp, a biotechnology firm started using this system in 1999 to move towards e-HR. Before turning to this new revolution they had their own training program that became costly and inefficient (Greengard). Senior vice president of HR Russell Campanello stated that employees from 20 Genzyme offices around that country had to fly into corporate every time that they need instructions (Greengard). The site also allows HR to monitor how employees click through the site and also allows for analysis of what training is needed.

HRM has also gone electronic for recruiting as well. Companies are now able to post positions on websites like Monster.com or Indeed.com. These websites also allow perspective employees to apply directly for posted positions. Different websites also give people the opportunity to post their resumes and employers can contact people based on their qualifications. This revolutionary change is great but is it taking away from putting in hard work to find a job. One can sit at home and do nothing and get calls, when years ago you had to get up, get dressed, and go job searching. Now a job can come knocking at your door literally.

Lawson Software vice president Larry Dunican believes that this revolution has only begun stating “Dramatic changes are a foot in the way HR users interact with each other and the external buying community, thanks to the evolution of e-business (Greengard). He also states that it will not be easy and that HR departments need to be aware fully of this new economy, they must understand that there would be new setups of portals and new tools that have to be established for this new evolution to work for them.

Here are some ways that human resource can benefit through electronic systems. Portals can create a single interface for accessing key date. Online recruiting eliminates paperwork and can speed up the hiring process. Having self service can automate record keeping. Electronic payroll cuts cost. Electronic travel and expense reporting will cut out paper usage and speed up reimbursements. Online retirement planning can map out employees future thus eliminating paperwork and questions (Greengard).

In conclusion it seems that the technological change in HRM is moving in the right direction. Everyone wants to be able to do things simpler and faster. My job allows for us to log into a system and view our paycheck two days prior to payday, which is nice. The transformation will take a while for some companies, but this is just the start and in some years to come all companies will be forced to move to e-HR just to keep up with the competition.

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