Dignity, Rankism, and Hierarchy in the Workplace

Rankism is a type of bullying; however, rankism is the belligerence of dominance through your superiors. Bullying is not limited to the halls of higher learning as we expect. Awkwardly, bullying in the workplace is a real fact in the workplace around the world.

Rankism is putting another employee down when the boss doesn’t think the employee is nobody, which can be disconfirming. In the workplace, there are several ways that rankism plays a role, discrimination, abuse, and exploitation. For example, of rankism, your boss raises his salary, which in turn takes his power to punish the employees and customers.

Other examples of rankism include the ignorable isms racial discrimination, age discrimination, chauvinism, and homophobia.

Rankism kills interpersonal, intergroup, and international relations. It takes the trouble to understand how coworkers participate to get the job done and recognize their roles. For a workplace to be confirming, we need to educate an indignity free zone, we need to enlist your patience as partners, and have respect for all the employees.

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Bosses need to invest their time to make the employees happy, which can be hard in the workplace, but if you give yourself a raise because you made a quota for the month, you should either take workers out to lunch or you give the workers a raise for helping you out.

Workplace bullying can take the forms of individual outbreaks that seem to do little with their job or within the workplace atmosphere. It can cause propagating speculations about you or giving out inappropriate chatter about you, or insinuation with another colleague.

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This can include shouting, name-calling, ridiculing, upsetting, and may cause the face to face clash. This is another type of disconfirming workplace climate, where a member of staff is experiencing inconsequential or not appreciated by any of their associates.

We all know what workplace bullying looks like in a professional environment. Here are some positive confirming climates that can take place in the workplace. We get hired to do a job, in a positive workplace we need to focus on our job performance, promote a positive workplace society, promote education to both bosses and workers, and encourage a zero forbearance for harassment at the workplace. Take responsibility for your own actions! For example, when you walk in the door of your bosses office to speak with them and they are on phone talking about another employee not pulling their weight, you can ignore what he is saying and come back another time or just ask the boss if you have a problem with the employee, bring them into the office and discuss that with them. We all want to be in a confirming environment while we are at work 8 to 12 hours a day.

In conclusion, disconfirming climates in the workplace causes tension within the workplaces with the boss and the employees. When we are in a confirming climate in the workplace, we all get along and everything runs smoothly. We learned that everyone needs to take responsibility of their own actions and own up to their mistakes, which we can learn from. Having a confirming environment is a great place to work, but a disconfirming environment people tend to take off more and not do their jobs properly.

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Dignity, Rankism, and Hierarchy in the Workplace

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