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Digital Marketing Plan


In the current age of advanced technology and media, where consumers have access to broad marketing details any time, it is not easy for a business to grow and develop effectively without implementing sound marketing strategies. Such strategies need to mainly consist of digital marketing because of the broad usage of computer systems and adoption of web and other associate devices. With unimportant financial investment on web based marketing and production of website, a big population of consumers and new markets might be highly attracted by such marketing technique.

The present paper significant in providing a digital marketing plan for Bagel Nash Limited. The hospitality market, is generally fast altering and vibrant sector. It constitutes to the leading sectors in the global economy, considering its turnover and transactions. As a result, hotel sector is highly sophisticated and competitive market. As Bagel Nash has actually considerably grown and operating in numerous countries in the world, it is now a must for Bagel Nash Ltd to adopt a digital marketing strategy to make it possible for the business stay ahead of its rivals.

Adoption of digital marketing strategy will likewise enable the business to draw in and maintain a big population of consumers, market share, and optimize its revenues in the today’s competitive environment whose clients have sufficient details concerning the market (Chaffey & & Ellis-Chadwick 2012, p. 15). Digital marketing is one of the present quick inexpensive and growing options that allow business to draw in optimum clients under no limits. If Bagel Nash embraces a digital marketing strategy, the business will discover it simple to send messages to its possible clients, and as an outcome, this strategy will wind up drawing in lots of brand-new clients (Ryan & & Jones 2012, p.

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56). The economy of the today’s world is in fact demanding every entrepreneur to search for the finest marketing deals he or she can discover. Typically, one can just find these deals on the internet. Digital marketing helps business to maximize their exposure to consumers who are extremely trying to find the services and products of the business.

This aspect makes digital marketing more operative than any other form of advertising. Increasing the exposure of the company through adoption of digital marketing is highly portrayed by big firms especially McDonald’s (Parkin 2009, p. 67). Digital marketing will have numerous benefits for both Bagel Nash Ltd and its customers. However, on the other hand, adoption of digital marketing strategy has some drawbacks, which arose from the use of technology and internet marketing as well as its popularity of the target market.

When using digital marketing Bagel Nash will not cut back its marketing budget in the current economy. Instead, this fast food organization will only focus on using its marketing budget efficiently by investing in digital marketing campaigns (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2012, p. 25). Actually, this is the appropriate time for Bagel Nash Corporation to review its marketing plans and bring digital marketing into its focus due to the rising costs of marketing using traditional Medias such as Magazines, which do not give the company a guarantee that it is actually targeting its potential customers. Situation analysis

There are very view business organizations that operate without marketing in the current era of information communication and technology. If fortunately, a certain business is efficiently growing, this does not entail that the organization has captured all the entire market leaving no more growth opportunities. If an organization is already progressing, such an organization can perform much better by adopting a digital marketing strategy, thus enabling it to increase its market share (Chaffey 2000, p. 157). If an individual has a business in the modern marketplace, it will definitely be hard to run it with implementing a marketing strategy and not enough running a local newspaper advertisement to maximize the business exposure (Bird & Bird 2007, p. 78).

In addition, running an advertisement on a local TV station is currently useless because the most appropriate forms of marketing are those based on online marketing. In summary, before an organization starts getting the advantage of a large consumer base the organization should ensure that it attracts them to its website, and that is when the tools of online marketing come into action. There is need to present goods and services in a visually and clear appealing manner on the organization’s website. The website, will be the “store” of the company on the internet. The services and food substances offered by Bagel Nash will be convenient to access, having fair prices, and clearly defined delivery methods (Ginty, Vaccarello & Leake 2012, p. 134). The company should also add a blog to its website for the purpose of providing fresh content, innovations, and photos for customers to have a look. Adding a blog will also aid in satisfying the criteria of the search engine for active renewal as well as use. Adding a blog to the company’s website also helps during replacement of the search engine (Chaffey 2008, p. 143).

Other popular approaches that can be used to help Bagel Nash to market its website are social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, link building, Buzz, and other tactics of search engine optimization (Wind & Mahajan 2001, p. 89). The company can also market the website through the use of Google tools such as Google Local in order to maximize its online exposure. Despite the benefit of all these methods and tools, where an organization can promote its website using online marketing, organizations still have to deal with some issues that are related with digital marketing (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick 2012, p. 45). Online security issue is the key concern with customers who prefer online shopping and need some kind of security to be sure that the information they will be provide for their transaction cannot be accessed by other users or abuse in future. A company can resolve this matter of security by acquiring some verification certificates for online security and incorporating them on its website (Kaufman 2014, p. 90).

Other concerns of online marketing include viral marketing, annoying banner ads that may discourage customers, placing much information about products and services on the home page that is unnecessary to the customers, and problems when searching for a product or service on the website (Payne, Frow & Cambridge University Press 2013, p. 79). Therefore, it is recommended that, before an organization launches a digital marketing strategy, it should clearly understand whether the customer do online shopping frequently and whether they have skills of surfing the internet. As far as Bagel Nash is concerned, its target market is tourists and people who like fast foods and are always updated about the latest trends in fast food industry (Greenberg & Kates 2014, p. 115). Therefore, these people rely on internet to get new updates about hospitality services and do interactions most of their time on the internet. Objectives

Achieving although challenging objectives are already set for the company to achieve in the next three years. Due to the current poor economic status that the company is operating in, achieving these objectives in the first year will be slow. The objective of the first year will be to build brand awareness to the market. Bagel Nash will aid in maximizing the awareness of its fast food products and services and their availability as well. We have already created the company’s page on Facebook, which has more than 1,000 customer “likes”. Theses “likes” are for people from different countries around the world. The company’s marketers will promote the website by using other main social networking sites, in-store advertisements, and emails. Optimization of search engine and updating process of the company’s data will be carried out more efficiently in order to ensure the website is always in front in searching results using different search engines.

During the year, the company will also introduce secure online shopping which will aid in improving the company’s growth rate. The rate of growth of the company with increase from 6% of 2014 to 10% before the first year ends. In the following year Bagel Nash will be growing steady growth and will be among the leading search engines. In this year, the company will highly focus on introducing innovative technology and ensure that it uses the latest web technologies to enable attraction of new visitors. The growth rate in this year will be expected to increase by 7% because the company will open new branches in other countries.

Bagel Nash will offer online selling to the countries it will be operating in (Ferrell 2014, p. 56). In the third year, the company will revive for the world’s economy, hopefully. The company will be able to capture a 25% market share. For British, aggressive marketing technique to maximize its market share. Online shopping will be introduced to Britain countries in order to facilitate the company’s valuable customers as well as maximizing its market share. As a result, this will increase footfall-struggle attracting new customers (Dholakia 2002, p. 57). Strategy

The following are the strategies that will be used to make the digital marketing plan more successful. Facebook lookalike audience- Using Facebook, lookalike audience will enable the company to reach new customers who will be interested in the services of the company because they are like the existing customers the company cares about. Using Custom Audiences, the company can decide to develop a similar audience that aims at targeting people who have similar characteristics with the Custom Audience list (Marich 2013, p. 76). For instance, if the company has over 5,000 contacts in its marketing database, the company can upload this contacts onto Facebook and enable targeting a demographic that is similar to the existing buyers. Email marketing- another strategy that will be used is email marketing.

This fast food company will double the number of emails it sends per month. In case the company has compelling content of information that it would like to send to customers, it will be easy to inform all the subscribers that are in company’s email list via email communications. It is logical to argue that, email marketing is the leading digital channel used by many companies for ROI (Hemann 2013, p. 89). Bagel Nash will start strategizing highly on making email marketing a digital marketing strategy. Better blogging- most customers like referring to the content of a company’s blog as the “match a company should use to start the fire.” The marketers of Bagel Nash LTD will try to come up with a compelling content of the company’s blog. A compelling blog content always has a potential of ranking well in all search engines. 90% of blog accesses are new and therefore, this will act as a driver for the website traffic of the company. In addition, the blog will also be used to serve as a Twitter and Facebook post content and also as a puzzle for email marketing campaigns.

By ensuring that the blog of the company has better content, its web traffic will rise as well as the content becoming more compelling. Digital PR- one can build contribution of the content through implementation of Digital PR strategy. Reaching out to several websites and sending them using a solid pitch, they can end up writing an article of the company or try to feature the Company’s CEO on a blog post. The more people talk about the company and its services and Tweeting and chatting about the company, the more the company will be exposed in the upcoming years. Unique promotion- the marketers will brainstorm a very unique form of promotion that will attract more people and, as a result, this unique promotion will drive enormous publicity for the company in the next three years.

The unique promotion of Bagel Nash will come up with user made jingle contest and photo upload promotion to entice its great buffs on social media networks to fully understand the services offered by the company in a clever way. In case this promotion will become successful, it will be ranked as one of the most popular promotions for the company in the next years. We expect that this digital marketers plan will hit if the above discussed strategies are implemented properly. In the list of the above discussed strategies are new while some have been being used for the past years. If these strategies will be incorporated properly, the company will have a perfect development and growth for the next three years using a digital marketing perspective. The strategies will highly contribute towards attraction of new customers and as a result increase sales and profit of the company. Tactics

The most commonly used tactic by many companies is e-mail marketing. However, most studies conclude that even if e-mail marketing is broadly used digital marketing tactic because it is measurable and less costly, services offered by Bagel Nash Company need other tactics to coordinate with e-mail marketing. Discussed below are the tactics that will be used during the implementation of digital marketing plan. Social media- marketers tend to focus highly on social media and spend more money on it than other digital marketing tactics. This is due to the fact that this tactic is the most commonly used online activity in most countries. Just like any other tactic such as e-mail marketing, social has a higher capability of retaining customers and increase the company’s exposure. In addition, social media has low negative impact regarding rewarding existing customers (Greenberg & Kates 2014, p. 25).

Referral marketing- referral marketing is the leading tactic in terms of acquiring customers and shaping conversions. Most people are aware of referral marketing and argue that it is among the efficient tactics. Bagel Nash will use referral marketing to lead generation possibilities (Fenwick & Wertime 2013, p. 34). The tactic will enable the company to attract new customers as well as building stronger customer relationship. The marketers of Bagel Nash will enjoy one of the main advantages of this digital marketing tactic. Referral marketing will highly optimize the sales volume of the company, giving the company a qualified predictions that will increase its sales funnel (Vassos 2006, p. 95). Referral marketing will help the company’s marketers achieve a more qualified appearing from customers due to their satisfaction. Referral marketing is a very good tactic used in many organizations to attract and retain customers.

It is a methodical customer cycle that is based on the strength of effect (Jones & Silverstein 2009, p. 58). Content marketing- according to most studies, content marketing is the second leading digital marketing strategy after social media when it comes to matters of spending. In addition, content marketing is ranked as the most effective tactic in the area of achieving marketing goals such as retention and awareness. Customers seek advice and information on fields they have interest. Therefore, Bagel Nash will put much effort to give its customers relevant information to enable it gain authority on its field by being a reliable and helpful resource (Ginty, Vaccarello, & Leake 2012, p. 145). According to economics such as Jeremy Chandler, content marketing portrays the company’s human side to people.

The website developers will be encouraged to make use of personal voice and try by all means not to eliminate human voice on the company’s website (Lee & Ebrary 2001, p. 98). Customers tend to become more addicted to organizations that offer reliable content about their goods and services and incorporating content marketing into the digital marketing strategy will help in attracting and retaining a large population of customers (Bailey 2011, p. 67). In order to attract more customers and achieve the set goals, it will be necessary to combine all the above discussed tactics into the digital marketing plan. In additional, Bagel Nash should not at any time forget treating its customers with quality care. Action

Successful implementation actions of digital marketing can bring significant advantages to an organization. Digital marketing will be the main effective means of achieving the goals and objectives of Bagel Nash LTD. The marketers will ensure that they build up a reliable customer relationship as well as business contacts through the use of digital tools. These will not only be used to communicate with the customers but also to get their suggestions and comments. Secondly, it will be of great advantage to contact marketing research in order to enable the marketers use the appropriate platform for the digital marketing strategy. It is important to understand the target group of customers in order to choose the correct channel of reaching them (Wilson 2001, p. 123).

Another action that will be put into practice is considering the benefits achieved through the use of different digital channels in order to choose the suitable one. Email marketing will be one of the most effective means of reaching the company’s target audience. The marketers will make use of this tool and design a quality content that can attract more customers. Controls- Bagel Nash is among the leading fast food restaurants in Britain and always focuses on the quality of food and services it offers to its customers. The staff members are all the time ready to improve the company’s marketing system and implement digital strategies.

With the availability of both external and internal controls the marketing management will be able to upgrade the current marketing system and evaluate performance accordingly (Flores & Palgrave Connect (Online service) 2014, p. 67). The management of the company is always in a process of improving their food and services and always ready to hear the views of their customers (Thomas 2011, p. 90). The company already focuses on improving customer services and the introduction of the new digital marketing strategies will enable the company improve customer satisfaction and attract more customers. The marketing department will comprise of advertisement manager, advertisement analyst, promotion manager, promotion analyst, sales manager, and market research analyst. Implementation plan table


In conclusion, digital marketing is broadly being used by a large number of companies. In the current age of advanced technology and media, where customers have access to broad marketing information any time, it is not easy for a business organization to grow and develop efficiently without implementing sound marketing strategies. Implementing digital marketing strategy will highly contribute towards the growth and development of Bagel Nash Ltd.


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