Digital Art as Portrayed In "Serious Games: Art, Interaction, and Technology", a New Media Art Exhibition and Catalogue Curated by Beryl Graham

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Art in the Technology Era are unique in their mediums, but they share similar styles and purposes as everything considered art before. A video game can surface a touching story of fear during the Cold War like how the painting Last Supper displays tension and stress of the disciples of Jesus about betrayal. Traditional art and digital art effectively connect with its viewers even though the methods of creation and mediums are different. The new media art exhibition and catalogue Serious Games: Art, Interaction, and Technology curated by Beryl Graham gives readers basic ideas of how digital media interacts with users in an artistic manner.

The exhibition that argues over art and new technologies uses computer examples to installations where using technology is an option, and it can still strongly prove its side of the debate if technology can be art by having artists interact with games and other computer programs.

The fact that Serious Games exhibit challenges interactive media using playable technology makes it successful because it presents physical evidence of person-computer interaction.

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An example is Piano – As Image Media (1995), an interactive audio visual installation by Toshio Iwai. This piece works through four users who each have a tone they place as dots on projected grids using computer mouse devices. People interact with each other trying to make melodies with each other’s tones. Co-operation between the audiences is what creates art in technology, not the musical structure alone. The exhibition also shares art from individuals and technology. One person can interact with a computer in The Rehearsal of Memory by Graham Hardwood.

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This computer gives an image slideshow of scanned body parts with marks and scars. Users read and share pain and hardships with the scans. Anyone who have doubtful feelings about art and technology may find a new view of creation from an experience with Beryl Graham’s exhibition.  Since Serious Games physically and mentally displays tech-art, not all visitors will catch the message that Beryl Graham is trying to share. His main purpose is to argue that art exists through digital mediums, especially through interaction. Videogames are computer generated art that may vary with human decision and action. New media art, like traditional art, may be the result of skill, creativity, or a mental connection presented from different methods. An art piece may be interpreted many ways, therefore, it is not easily put into one idea. Writers Andy Clarke and Grethe Mitchell of the book Videogames and Art say that videogames are diverse and cannot be easily defined due to the different outcomes of stories, dialogues, and environments. Clarke and Mitchell state a videogame “is not built on one dominant application, programming language, medium, or aesthetic, nor does it consist of a single, homogenous, community.”1 Graham’s exhibit follows this idea with an installation by Ann Whitehurst called NetEscape. Guests interact through a gallery of computer, net hangings, and floor trails where they can choose to use devices, such as a mouse or stylus, or not. Different outcomes of feelings and understanding can happen from this art installation depending on the person and action.

Digital art is debated over whether it is actually art or not. In a generation after photography, people believe the death of art is comes from technology. Serious Games: Art, Interaction, and Technology challenges how technology can build art. Computers can act as mediums like paint, sculpture, performance, and music. The exhibition by Graham is a collection of how these mediums can appear through technology. Hardwood’s slideshow presents body marks carefully captured through a scanner. This show, along with other pieces from the exhibit, springs forward to viewers to connect with them and allow them to interact with technology and each other as they swipe through historical moments and feel what they see. Traditional art have had the same technique and effects as these computer installations.


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