Digital Essay Topics

Digital recording equipment

The use of information and communications technology has permeated almost every fabric of society. The education sector and the teaching of mathematics in particular are no exception. Increasingly, information and communication technologies are being used to administer teaching materials to students. Students also benefit from these tools in their knowledge acquisition (Goodison,2002; Hall and Higgins,… View Article

Digital Natives

In a two-part series entitled “Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives,” Marc Prensky (2001a, 2001b) employs an analogy of native speakers and immigrants to describe the generation gap separating today’s students (the “Digital Natives”) from their teachers (the “Digital Immigrants”). According to Prensky, the former are surrounded by digital media to such an extent that their very… View Article

LA Ministers to Promote Digital-to-Analog TV Conversion

Olivarez-Giles, Nathan. “L. A. Ministers Asked to Spread the Word about Digital TV. ” Los Angeles Times. 10 Feb 2009. 10 Feb 2009. <http://www. latimes. com/business/la-fi-digitaltv10-2009feb10,0,7978127. story>. Summary On June 12, all television viewers of Los Angeles – the largest group of television viewers in the country – must have digital-to-anolog converters to be able… View Article

Effects of Gadgets

Today’s children are unlikely to be found playing with jacks, Colorforms or troll dolls, and they aren’t using their grandparents’ abaci, chalk, blackboards or mimeographs to learn in the classroom either. Frenship Independent School District prides itself on being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and learning. The district’s motto is “Leadership… View Article

Kodak Pest Analysis

Political US copyright law requires all photo shops to refrain from printing or releasing digital images taken by professional photographers without a copyright release (2005; 2005). The company operates in different countries around the world therefore it needs to comply with those countries regulations for example, taxation policy and employment laws. The company has to… View Article

Modernization of Ntuc Income

1.)What were the problems faced by Income in this case? How were the problems solved by thenew digital system? The insurance operations in the company income tired and very laborious and require a large number of staff and rely on the system documentary, which led to the complexity of operations and the collapse of the… View Article

Digital Convergence

The rapid development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has led to a situation where digitization, storage, manipulation and development and dissemination of all forms of multimedia, be it text, graphics, photographs, audio, animation or audio-visuals, are accomplished quite easily and conveniently. This in turned has put into motion the process of Media Convergence which… View Article

How Information Flows Within an Organization

Information has to travel through different types of pathways in order to be received and used. Think of the pathways of information like the transit system. Information is loaded into systems by using input devices, like keyboards or touchscreens. After the information is imputed it is transferred to some type of storage medium, whether hard… View Article

How Information Flows and is Used in an Organization

Going through the three individual courses this week in regards to Data Storage, Security, Recovery and Disposal has given me a new set of eyes on how information flows and is used among an organization’s computer infrastructure. What I found amazing about these processes is just how far we have come in these last few… View Article

Digital Technologies Essay Temp

‘Will the challenges emerging with digital knowledge contexts, for which digital literacy is being deployed, open new horizons for the human art of thinking and creating knowledge?’ (Belisle 2006, p.55). Reference: Harvard Style Knowledge can be interpreted in different ways where one scholar defines knowledge as a learnt education another interprets knowledge as intelligence. Knowledge… View Article

Digital Radio Rebanding

In this paper we have talked about the urgent need of introducing more Emergency communication RF frequencies. The reason for needing more frequencies are twofold firstly the frequencies already allocated are much less than needed and secondly all these frequencies needed upgrade the . We have also included frequencies currently used for emergency networks. We… View Article

Modernization of NTUC Income

1.) WHAT WERE THE PROBLEMS FACED BY INCOME IN THIS CASE? HOW WERE THE PROBLEMS SOLVED BY THENEW DIGITAL SYSTEM? Income·s insurance processes were very tedious and paper-based. This resulted to humongousIncome also experienced frequent breakdown of the HP 3000 mainframe which hosted the coreinsurance applications and the accounting and management information systems. In addition tothis,… View Article

Analog and Digital Comparison

Telecommunications is a term used to describe any type of long distance communication techniques. In the digital age, telecommunications describes the use of electronic devices that facilitate communications between people, computers, and other machines. There are several technologies used today that enable these communications and allow them to perform efficiently. The basis behind these technologies… View Article

BMG entertainment

Strengths: *First major record label to create websites branded towards different music genres. First major record label to use downloading technology to promote sales of CD’s and cassettes. *Merged with AOL–AOL has the largest internet service provider in the industry. *BMG was the largest music club in the world, and arguably the leader of the… View Article

Internet Censorship Research Paper

Imagine a place where you had access to any information you needed, at any time. Some might say that this place may not exist, but others could say that this defines the Internet. The Internet gives you access to all sorts of wonderful knowledge and other content, but with good comes some bad. Countries throughout… View Article

The technological impact on film theory

Films are one of the most popular media in the modern world, watched by hundreds of millions of people all around the world. Films began in the late 19th century as a technological novelty, transferring to a new means of presentation and distribution an older tradition of “entertainment, offering stories, spectacles, music, drama, humour and… View Article

“Praying with Larry Podder” Allegations

As you are aware of, there are several allegations being brought upon Playing With God’s newest game on the market, “Praying with Larry Podder.” I would like to address some of these allegations and how they may affect this company’s top selling product. I believe that we some in-depth investigation, and some possible minor changes… View Article

Private Life on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites can be defined as an online platform where people create their own profiles, share them with the public, and communicate with other users on the Internet. The increasing popularity of these sites affects our lives in many aspects and the most important one is the privacy issue. It can easily be observed… View Article

Impact of Digital Marketing on Sales

Embracing emerging trends and technologies helps marketers create a sustainable competitive advantage for their business. Emerging marketing trends and technology, such as big data, social media mobile, context-aware computing and the Internet of Things, create unprecedented opportunities to engage customers, fuel growth and take market share. As a digital marketer, you can be overwhelmed by… View Article

Purpose of various software utilities

Virus protection – virus protection protects a computer system from malicious viruses and Trojans and worms which you can be infected by through the internet or email or downloading files or through a USB flash drive etc. virus protection usually consists of a firewall, virus scanner, virus remover and spyware. With virus protection you can… View Article

Review of related studies on library service in the Philippines

Library has increased with the complexity of our society. The rapid growth of technology has meant that many gadgets and equipment have appeared and continuous progress of the world the help of the Science and Technology. Library is considered the heart of the school it is expected to be taken care of for its normal… View Article

The effectiveness of teaching using digital media among the students of virgen milagrosa 1st year computer science students”

Today’s students inhabit a visual, networked culture. They connect and communicate with their peers and the public through digital media. Many assume that these “digital natives” are fully literate with regard to media; however, we believe that students need guidance, support and inspiration to realize their full academic potential with digital media. The term ‘digital… View Article

Case Study- Kindle

This case study focuses on how Amazon has utilized digital technology to reach out to more customers as it realises the importance of convenience for its readers. Its product the Kindle is an e-reader that offers an alternative to hard copy books. The Kindle offers readers the mobility and efficiency when purchasing and reading books…. View Article

Non thermal food preservation methods

Food deteriorate in quality due to a wide range of chemical and enzymatic reactions, added to this the consumer demands faster production rate for high quality food with “fresh-like” characteristics and long shelf life, leading to the application of thermal processes for food preservation. However this thermal treatments cause undesirable effects on food flavor, color… View Article

The effect of media Globalization

Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction2 2.0 Definition: Globalization & Digital media2 3.0 The Globalization of media: Switching to digital media3 4.0 Positive Impact of globalization on Digital Media3 5.0 Criticism / Negative Impact of globalization on Digital media5 6.0 Conclusion6 References:7 1.0 Introduction Digital media is an obvious outcome of modern science and technology. Globalization… View Article

Danshui Plant No.2

Danshui assembling computer hard drives on a contract that was fulfilled at the end of May 2010, although the assembly hard drives was different with assembly of Iphone, Danshui was confident that its workers would adapt to the new assembly tasks and that it could hire and train the additional workers as needed. But in… View Article

Multimedia Basics

Application of Multimedia: Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, and scientific research applications. A few application areas of multimedia are listed below: Entertainment and Fine Arts: In addition, multimedia is heavily used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies and animations…. View Article

Unit 30: Digital Graphics P1, M1

The Role of Components within a given computer system in the Production and Manipulation of Graphics Introduction: In this assignment, I will explain the role of hardware and software components within a computer system. Furthermore, I will explain how they relate to digital graphics.I will also recommend suitable components for Cambridge Industrial Design. (P1) I… View Article