Digestion Essay Topics

Holes Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 17 Discussion Questions

Chapter 17 #1 Please answer the following about Gastric Juice production in the digestive system. Name the four (4) gastric cells; for each cell type give the name and function for each the chemical substance(s) it secretes. A) Mucous cells- These cells secrete mucus, which protects the mucosa from the action of acid and digestive… View Article

Alcohol Use

As stated in AR 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program, consuming and abusing alcohol, as well as the consumption of alcohol as a minor, is considered inconsistent and in direct contradiction with the core Army Values. The consumption of alcohol disrupts any Soldier’s ability to be combat ready, perform efficiently, and perform any given task… View Article

Microelectronic Pill

1: ABSTRACT The invention of transistor enabled the first use of radiometry capsules, which used simple circuits for the internal study of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. They couldn’t be used as they could transmit only from a single channel and also due to the size of the components. They also suffered from poor reliability, low… View Article

Digestion (Summary) Igcse Level

IN THE MOUTH: Food is mechanically cut by incisors and canines, chewed by molars and premolars, and mixed with saliva by the tongue. The saliva has been produced by salivary glands, which pour it into the mouth through salivary ducts. This process of introducing food into the mouth is called ingestion. Chewing breaks food into… View Article

Digestion/ Absorption and Homeostasis

In order to survive, our bodies must bring in energy and nutrients for the cells of the body through eating and digestion of food. To be carried to the cells of the body by the blood stream, food must be broken down to molecules. This breaking down of food into molecules, small enough to be… View Article

Role of energy in the body

Energy is necessary to circulate blood, lymph and tissue fluid throughout the body; it is necessary for breathing and taking in oxygen; it is necessary for making new cells for carrying out growth and repair; it is used to transmit nerve impulses so that it can respond to changes in the environment; and it is… View Article

Rough Outline: Conjoined Twins

Definition and Statistics * Identical twins that are physically joined at birth * Referred to as Siamese twins which comes from the famous twins Eng and Bunker who were born in Siam (Thailand) in 1811 Twinning occurs in one of two ways: 1) a woman releases two eggs instead of the usual one 2) a… View Article

Animal Digestion System

This essay focuses on the digestive system of ruminant animals like cattle, sheep, and goats. Ruminant animals are hoofed mammals that have a digestive system which enables them to utilize energy from fibrous plant material better than other herbivores. Unlike monogastric animals such as pigs and poultry, the digestive system or ruminants is designed to… View Article

Zachary’s Story

1. An ulcer starts by eroding the mucosa of the G.I tract wall. What functions of digestion or reabsorption might be lost if this layer is no longer functional? What functions will be compromised if the ulcer eats through the submucosa and then the muscularis? Absorption would not happen correctly because some of the ingested… View Article

Enzymes are important for food digestion

Enzymes are protein molecules produced y the living cells as “instructed” by genes on the chromosomes. Enzymes referred to as biological catalyst – biological molecules that catalyze metabolic reactions. A catalyst is defined as an agent that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process (Burton, G. R. W. , 2004). Enzymes… View Article

Digestion: Describe the digestion of a burger

Digestion A burger is broken down mechanically by biting into it. The food in the mouth sets off salivary glands that secrete salivary amylase, which breaks down amylase in the burger. When the food is broken down enough, the tongue shapes the food in a bolus, or a ball. The bolus is pushed back to… View Article

Reaction Paper in Food and Nutrition

1. What are the dishes served at World Buffet? Group these dishes according to its main nutrients. Different foods are served at World Buffet just like a Japanese cuisines like sushi, maki and tempura. There are also western foods that are served at World Buffet just like US Roast Beef, Spanish Paella and Mexican Burritos…. View Article

Apa outline

This course introduces students to the world of human nutrition. Students examine the components included in a healthy, balanced diet and develop strategies to meet their changing nutritional needs throughout the various stages of life. Specific topics for the course include the digestion process, functions and health benefits of specific nutrients, weight management and fitness,… View Article

Human Digestion

The salivary glands are the first to react in the digestive process, which are usually triggered by either the sight or the smell of food. Food enters the digestive tract through the mouth where the teeth, tongue, and salivary glands help moisten and break down the food within minutes. The food then becomes something called… View Article

Human digestion

The salivary glands are the first to react in the digestive process, which are usually triggered by either the sight or the smell of food. Food enters the digestive tract through the mouth where the teeth, tongue, and salivary glands help moisten and break down the food within minutes. The food then becomes something called… View Article

Enzyme catalysis lab

Enzyme catalysis was observed in order to analyze how changes in temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, and substrate concentration affected an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. This experiment analyzed the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions and observed the correlation between catalase activity and products formed. It was found out that the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction starts off rapidly, decreases,… View Article

The physiology of two named body systems

According to Wright (2007), we need energy for everything we do. Energy can be found in different forms including chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, radiant energy, mechanical energy and nuclear energy. We use energy all the time including when we are sleeping. We use energy for our muscle activity, new cells and blood circulation…. View Article

Fetal pig dissection

Through the dissection of the fetal pig, we were able to compare and contrast the structure and functions of the organs to those of a human. We dissected the pig and observed all the exterior and interior structures. The fetal pig’s structure was almost identical to the human body. Since humans and pigs are both… View Article

Digestive and Respiratory System Worksheet

Before answering the questions below, log in to ADAM and view the clinical animations for Peristalsis and Gas Exchange. Remember, you may use our text, our discussions, and the internet to write your answers, but be sure to write your answers in your own words and to use correct citations where appropriate! Cutting and Pasting… View Article

Best Meal Ever

Coming home from a long shift from work, my girlfriend greeted me at the front door of our house with a big warm hug and a smile. As we catch up with our day, I smelled the most alluring aroma coming from the kitchen. “I cooked up something special for us today”, she announced excitedly…. View Article

Genetic Engineering Pros/Cons

Genetic Engineering- Pros/ Genetic engineering can be productive for our present and future societies through the use of the technology in our produce. In today’s society and with the growing concern and interest to stay healthy, genetic engineering composes ways to make the effort slightly less demanding and a little more likely to attain. Through… View Article

Fetal Pig Dissection

-Three pairs of exocrine glands in the mouth that secrete saliva; the parotid, submandibular (sub maxillary), and sublingual glands The parotid is the largest and most easily visible of all the salivary glands. The sunbmaxillary is bean shaped and located under the bigger parotid gland. The submandibular gland lies near the jaw line. Glottis -The… View Article