Different Ways of Talking Essay

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Different Ways of Talking

What causes air pollution? What effects does air pollution have on the human body?

Air pollution in the 21st century is becoming more and more serious in the world. This is especially an important problem to us of what effects does air pollution have on our healthy. This essay will explain what causes air pollution and outline the effects of air pollution on the human body.

There are several factors that cause air pollution. The first factor is Ozone. As a report, Ozone forms as a product of solar energy and photochemical reactions of pollutants. It is easy that the highest concentrations of ozone in the atmosphere occur when sunlight is the highest temperature (Kleinman, 2000). In our daily life, vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, gasoline vapours are some of the most important sources of ozone (Air pollution, 2010). The second factor is Airborne Particles. It is from combustion sources, such as power plants and automobile (Kleinman, 2000). The mainly of airborne particle is from motor vehicles, wood burning heaters and industry (Air pollution, 2010).

The third factor is Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is from fuel combustion in industrial processes, Vehicle exhaust contributes most carbon monoxide emissions in our city (Air pollution, 2010). It also has some natural sources, such as bush fires, carbon monoxide levels typically are highest during cold weather, because cold temperatures make the less fires and make that pollutants close to the ground(Air pollution, 2010).In brief, the reason of air pollution is from our daily life, it is Ozone, Airborne Particles, Carbon Monoxide and other natural sources.

On the other side, there are two effects of air pollution on the human body. One effect is the respiratory system. Air pollution can make the lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis. According to a report: People who living in community with high particle may have suppressed lung growth, moved into a city more clear, lung growth returned to normal rate(Air pollution, 2010). People who breathe in much carbon monoxide can cause the carbon monoxide poisoning (Kleinman, 2000).

Another one effect is the cardiovascular system. For example, heart¬†disease, such as chest pain for discomfort, partially blocked arteries (Air pollution,2010). As a report, Carbon monoxide enters the bloodstream through the lung and binds to haemoglobin, the substance in blood that carries oxygen to cells. So carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen reach the body’s organs and tissues (Air pollution, 2010). Air pollution also have other effects such as wheezing, coughing, chest pain, dry throat, headache and increased fatigue. To sum up, air pollution have effects on our respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

To conclusion, there have three conditions cause air pollution, for example, Ozone, Airborne Particles and Carbon Monoxide. Air pollution can cause the respiratory system problems and cardiovascular system problems on human body, such as lung disease, carbon monoxide poisoning and heart disease. However, people should change their diet, keep the city more green. Everyone can be able to be affected by air pollution when pollutants have the higher concentrations. A serious problem is finding the way how to deal with Ozone, Airborne Particles and Carbon Monoxide. And control the hurt from air pollution.

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