Different types of business information Essay

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Different types of business information

Verbal Communication

Speaking verbal to someone is speaking out loud. This includes talking face to face, in a meeting or in an interview. The advantages of verbal communication are it is a fast way to reach information but this information can be easily forgotten. Another advantage is that speech is direct and straight to the point. Another advantage is that if you ask a question you get answer straight away no need to wait around. However they are some disadvantages if you are talking to someone it may not be legal to talk to about specific topics. Another disadvantage is they are no proof to say you have spoke to that person. Also if you are speaking to someone who does not speak English it is going to take time and money to get a translator. Also another disadvantage is not everyone is listening.

Face to Face

Speaking face to face is a good way to communicate because you are they talking to them and you can ask those questions and get a reply straight away, also if you didn’t understand something you could just ask them to repeat themselves. However they are some disadvantages, if the person you’re talking to speaks a different language, words can be misunderstood.

Phone Call

Making a phone call to someone has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a phone call is you can tell someone information quick and easy and you would get an answer straight away. Another advantage is that you can get straight to the point and you can make a phone call anywhere. The disadvantages of making a phone call is your words could be misunderstood and your line could break up.

Non-Verbal Communication


Email is very quick and a very easy way of getting in touch with other people. Once you send an email its sends instantly, so they will receive it a lot faster than if you would have sent it by a letter in the post. There are some disadvantages you need a secure internet link to send emails, also you have to type the correct email address in these complications mean many people prefer to make phone calls instead of emails.

Non Digital

Written Communication

This is an old fashion way of communicating with other people, the advantages there is none we have faster and better technology to communicate. The disadvantages are is slow, the postal service takes up to 3 days just to deliver the letter that’s if it even gets to the address because nowadays post can get lost in the system.

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