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Different Styles of Learning Essay

Essay Topic:

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Different styles of learning were the topic of conversation this week during a class discussion. We were asked by our instructor to first discover and talk about what our personal styles of learning are and share what helps us be successful in a learning environment. Next we were tasked to discover what our actual learning abilities were against a few online brainteasers. The information given by these sites have given me a chance to step back and ask myself what and how different styles of learning affect me.

With that said, I personal believe that these sites should be used as a generic scale and not a basis of what students true learning potential are. One of the first steps of understanding what kind of student you are is to pin point what your ability to learn is and use your strong points to help push you through your goals. I have learned from this subject that there are several types of learning styles, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Through a short test I completed I learned that I am 46% Auditor, 29% Visual and 25% kinesthetic (Advanogy. com, 2004). From the questions that were asked and the results I received I believe that is test is correct on its calculation. I feel like I learn more accurately under the guidance of a teacher. The second test I took also indicated that I rated highest in aural learning ability (Bixler, 2010). Based on these results from the two web sites.

I agree that I prefer to learn by listening and that written tests can slow me down because I tend to read every question to myself. (Advanogy. com, 2004) Motivation and foundation are the two keys I believe in for styles of learning. Motivation “is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors” Wikipedia (2013). What the definition of motivation doesn’t state is how to get it, and sustain it.

In my opinion motivation maybe gained though a few different avenues, such as hardship, prenatal encouragement/guidance and the will to overcome bad life decisions and raise above family, peers and others expectation of you. Without motivation I would not be able to continue through this our any other course I am pursuing. Second, foundation is the ground that builds an object. Without a proper foundation an object cannot stand new obstacles and will most likely fail. Now what I’m referring to is foundation of education.

Foundation is one of the keys to a student’s ability to become successful in a learning environment. This is most likely passed down through the leaders of the student’s family. Some of my keys of foundation are; organization skills, importance of building character, compassion and setting feasible short term and long term goal. I unfortunately was not given the best educational opportunity growing up; my parents have always let their children figure out their problems and give little to no guidance.

This situation left my education to the wayside, but I will not let that excuse continue to affect my family or myself. I have learned throughout my years in the Coast Guard that you cannot change your past but that you can change your future. To fully understand what different learning styles are, you first have to go out and find them. They cannot found on Internet based test or even someone’s opinion. You must seek the information from qualified educators and bust your tail to better your understanding of a subject.

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