Different kinds of management challenges Essay

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Different kinds of management challenges

1. Use the chapter material to decide what different kinds of management challenges Bob Iger faced as he took control of managing Walt Disney. Disney today under Bob Iger, who took over as chief executive in 2005, Disney is enjoying the remarkable and profitable run of hit TV programmes and films. However, there are many challenges he has faced since 2005 when he became president and chief executive officer of Disney, the world’s largest media conglomerate. When he took over Disney on 2005, he had to face economic problem which is really burden for a new manager like him. Before Bob Iger took over Disney, Disney’s interactive division is losing money and the film division has had some bombs. The speed of economic changes makes Disney management becomes more challenging. However, Bob Iger manage to pull out Disney from economic crisis after the messy governance struggle in 2005. Thanks to Bob Iger that we able to watch cartoon series and quality films now.

Not quite with it, Bob Iger continues to face management problems. Iger took over the helm at Disney at a particularly challenging time, when the California-based media conglomerate was in the midst of a divisive battle that had pitted previous CEO Michael Eisner against Roy Disney, nephew of founder Walt Disney. Iger had worked for years under Eisner as the company’s chief operating officer and faced his own sceptics after taking over the company’s top post.

As he runs the big business, he faced a big problem to find the right managers and leave them alone. Walking the tightrope between extending Disney’s brands and knowing when to leave well enough alone is a tricky challenge for him.

When Iger took over the top job, his ability also despised by the board. The board looked at outsider before giving the CEO post to Iger because they underestimate iger’s ability to manage Disney well. Their perceptions changed suddenly when Iger showed up at his first board meeting with a plan to buy Pixar.

Iger bravely came out with the idea to buy Pixar which is the company that had stolen the mantle of animation away from Disney. Iger came out with three ideas which is one to keep the status quo. The second was to find someone new to run the studio. The third was to buy Pixar. However, Iger onced again had to face problem when the price of Pixar was very expensive and he did not know if it was for sale or not. When Iger brokered a deal to buy Pixar in 2006, there was so much controversy.

Bob Iger continue to encounter problems when the company is going to take a $200 million write-down on the film John Carter which is one of the most colossal bombs in movie history. Disney financial problems continue to face problems when in 2011, the studio business responsible for just 16% of Disney’s fiscal 2011 revenue and 7% of operating profits. This is another challenges that faced by Bob Iger while he manage Disney.

Bob Iger also facing the problems when he announced that he would step down as CEO in March 2015 and stay as the chairman until June 2016. His resignation got oppose by many others people and many Disney watchers got surprised by that. Even though he brings many successful to Disney, it just nt easy as he had to face many problems and tricky challenges during his server with Disney.

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