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Different in B2B vs B2C Advertising

With the ever improving age of technology I think business has made tremendous strides to get on board. Because of the internet,business all over the world has had to make a change in the way they do business in order to keep their present customers and draw in new ones. The economy today is out of control with the cost of everything being extremely high especially gas and diesel fuel but because of technology business are able to reach more customers to try to get their business.

The supply chains of B2C to B2B and uniquely differently.

A supply chain occurs when a product or service is initiated and proceeds thru all the steps to the final objection. For example when a student inquires with the University of Phoenix from a link they clicked on the internet, the supply chain starts by the automation process that is in place, taking the student to the process in which they are connected to the pre-screening representative then to the enrollment representative who in turn takes the student thru the steps of the application process in order to enroll the student.

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The process of this supply chain is repetitive once the student makes the initial contact to start it. The difference between the B2C and B2B are in a since similar but different. I would say the primary difference being the avenues a product has to take before reaching the intended destination. B2Chave less avenues to travel versus that of B2B or example, the purchase of a computer through the Dell website, the avenues for the consumer are that of the website to choose the one that best fits their needs as they are dealing directly with the company to purchase the product.

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On the B2B side it would be the supplier Dell selling their products to the local dealers such as Best Buy, Fry Electronics, or Wal-Mart, the consumer will be getting the product from the second source and not dealing directly which makes the cost of the product more expensive. So with B2C if the transaction went smoothly and error free the customer will probably tell someone about the experience and more than likely be a repeat customer.

Conclusion With this being said it is obvious that the supply chains of both have evolved and have advanced to another level because of technology but yet still is challenging and still different in many aspects. Either is still successful and has generated growth in the economy because of the growing improvements with technology.

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