Differences of North and South Korea Essay

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Differences of North and South Korea

South Korea is located on the southern part of Korea and boarders and is bordered by Eastern Asia, the southern half of the Korean Peninsula which borders the Sea of Japan, and the Yellow Sea. South Korea has a boring climate in my opinion. It is temperate, and during the summer months there is heavier rainfall than the rest of the year. The terrain in South Korea is much like that of North Korea. It is mostly hills and has mountains. There are wide coastal plains in the west in the south. These areas have many great harbors for fishing. The only natural disaster South Korea is really prone to are typhoons. The population in South Korea is larger than that in North Korea. There are 48,289,037 people which are mostly located along the coast. Sixty-nine percent of the people work in the services department, twenty-one and a half percent work in industry fields, and nine and half percent work in agriculture.

There is a close race in South Korea for the number one religion between Christianity and Buddhist. other religions are Confucianism, Shamanism, and Chindogyo. Most people in South Korea speak Korean but more frequently are learning English. The capital on South Korea is Seoul, and South Korea is a Republic. One of the main reasons it is Republic is due to the US involvement in World War II. The president of South Korea is NO Muh-hyun who was elected in 2003. South Korea gained it’s independence from Japan in 1945 on August 15th. South Korea’s biggest traitor is once again America. Popular exports in South Korea are things such as electronic devices, machinery and equipment, cars, steel, ships, clothing, footwear, and fish. In the agricultural department rice, root crops, barley, vegetables, fruit; cattle, pigs, chickens, milk, eggs; fish are the most popular.

The currency in South Korea is known as the South Korean won also known as the KRW. One thousand, four hundred and one KRW is equivalent to one American dollar. The GDP in South Korea is nine hundred and thirty one billion dollars for a purchasing party power. Over the past few years, South Korea has gained much power economically. The GDP of South Korea is thirty times that of North Korea. Over the past years economic growth has been impressive. South Korea had come back from a crisis known as the Asian financial crisis of 1997-99. Here debt and legitimacy rations were causes and an effect was South Korea being forced to borrow food and having a very weak economic background. In conclusion it is clear that North Korea and South Korea in some ways are the same but in others are completely different. In my opinion and I am sure in the opinion of many others, South Korea is more successful.

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