Differences between Two Society

A society has values and traditions in place that is passed down and taught throughout the generations. In American society many things are acceptable and everyone has rights. But other societies around the world are complete opposites of our society.

Here at home we enjoy all things to eat from pork, beef, and lamb. We enjoy eating burgers and frying bacon for breakfast in the morning. This is all usual things here in America but on the other side of the world all of those things are highly offensive and against religious rules set in their society.

India does not allow anyone to consume anything beef because cows hold a sacred place in their society. In the middle east many countries outlaw the consumption of anything pork due to their religious principles in their society. This is just one of the ways that 2 societies can be different.

In our society everyone is treated equal and given equal rights to both sexes.

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Men are raised to be gentlemen to women and be polite. Other parts of the world a man’s word is law and women are treated poorly and have no dignity. They are told to cover their faces and tend to all the men’s needs. In the U.S. men and women have the right to vote and freedom of speech. Everyone can run for office in Government or start their own business. This is another cultural difference that has also changed over time in American society.

A cultural difference that is universal between all is the food and the manners that societies have.

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They are all unique because of the geography and resources there, and also established practices that have been taught and passed down. Traditional foods in the U.S is a mix of everything due to our diverse society, but a country like Japan has a long known and customary diet. This includes rice,fish,soups and noodle dishes,tofu and more. Manners between these 2 cultures is simple. In the U.S saying thank you or sorry multiple times is a norm but in Japan it’s considered rude. Slurping our food in public or around others is considered rude,but in Japan it means the opposite and is considered a compliment to the chef meaning that the food is good.

These are some basic ways that 2 different societies can be different. Some of these are culture, religion, food, and even manners. All of these make a society unique in their own way, but are also similar at the same time.

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