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Differences Between Jordan and Saudi Arabia Essay

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Historically, Saudi Arabia and Jordan were considered as one region. However, earlier in the 1800’s both countries have split with two different cultures and traditions. Although both Saudi Arabia and Jordan are kingdoms and lay on the same borders, but they differ in women’s rights, the cost for living, and weather differences.

First of all, women’s rights are one main issue that is completely different between both countries. In Saudi Arabia, women have fewer rights than Jordan’s. For example, women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive; because that is how it is traditionally.

In contrary to Jordan, women are allowed to drive. In addition, in Saudi Arabia women wearing a Hijab; a scarf that women cover her hair with is mandatory and required for every woman. However, in Jordan it is not required and a woman can choose her own decision to wear the Hijab or not.

Furthermore, cost of living is a wide difference between Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

In Saudi Arabia, living expenses is cheaper than in Jordan. As an example, in Saudi Arabia taxes are barely required. Also, average salaries there is fairly enough for people to be able to afford for their living expenses, and the living expenses cheap because Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil and gold. On the other hand, Jordan is considered as an under middle class country. Unlike Saudi Arabia, people in Jordan are required to pay taxes, even if the average salaries are lower than having a fair life. Due to this, Jordan has less or do not have main resources to rely on.

Being away from traditions, weather variations between those two countries is completely different. Thus, in Jordan the weather is cool. In winter, it is snowy and rainy, in summer, it is moderate to hot not too hot. Alternatively, in Saudi Arabia the weather is too hot and not moderate as Jordan’s weather, in winter, it barely rains because it is a desert climate.

In conclusion, both countries have different ways of living and different nature from each other, but still have some common things between each other.

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