Differences and Similarities between 1984 and Brazil Stories

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The 1984 novel by Orwell represents an ideal totalitarian society considered the most severe realization you can possibly imagine contemporary government with outright power. The Brazil story, Sam as the main, character is motivated by George Orwell’s novel 1984. Both the novels portray a state in which the government displays and manages all human life elements to the level of having a disloyal thought versus the law. The existence of governmental federal governments in both stories reveals that whatever is under control, and everybody is seen.

Also, the primary characters in both stories are protagonists of their federal governments and exhibits similar thoughts, actions, and characters. The resemblances in between Winston Orwell (1984) and Sam Lowry (Brazil) discusses their lives as both live in useless little flats. Likewise, they both work for the federal government that controls news and records and discovers their tasks tedious but they do not want promo but the both enjoy their tasks. Another similarity between the two characters mentions that they both try to destroy the federal government that utilizes them.

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Sam establishes a lack of confidence of ruining his federal government after satisfying Jill. Likewise, Winston covertly wishes to corrupt his federal government beginning of 1984.

Likewise, the lead characters rebel versus their governments since they are knotted in love with women. They are both captured with females in comparable scenarios. They were both lying on the bed after lovemaking session and they are alerted by a sound of people entering their spaces. As such, both couples are caught in bed under similar situations by their authorities and wind up being tormented.

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Similarly, the reason for ruining their governments is because of love for the two ladies. There is likewise similarity in the way these two heroes handled their federal government. Sam is caught by betrayal by his two finest associates, similar to Winston who is captured by betrayal and deceit.

The major differences between the protagonists are that the love Sam as for Jill is genuine while Winston is driven by lust. The main reason why he wants to sleep with Julia is because he loves the corrupt nature of the relationship. As such, Winston betrays Julia while Sam never betrays Jill. During the torture in their respective ministries, Winston is mostly worried by his torture, and he begs for stop and asks the authorities to torture anybody else, Julia included. However, Sam is concerned about Jill during his torture, and when he learns of her death, he still dreams of her. After learning of the death of Jill during his arrest, he dreams of being rescured by Tuttle and moving towards the countryside with Jill (Gilliam, 1996). As such, Sam doesn’t lust for Jill or because he wants to break the law. Jill is the girl of his dreams and he has no ill intentions for his government. Also, Winston, through his thoughts, had begun to deviate that would lead to his torture and death. However, Sam had not intentions of betraying the government, yet it turned out that way. In terms of government, the two stories criticize two forms of government. Gilliam tries to satirize capitalism while Orwell satirizes fascism and socialism (Radford, 1984).


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Differences and Similarities between 1984 and Brazil Stories

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