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Difference Between City, Town and Village

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Indian culture is abundant and diverse. Individuals give respect to their traditional values and thus its success was recognized all over the world. Lifestyle of people residing in Town, town and city levels differs a lot. People in villages majorly depend on agriculture and their primary source of income is growing. Their regular life cycle in regards to earning money is that cultivating 2 to 3 crops a year, transporting the cultivated food or other items to the neighboring towns, selling the cultivated raw product either through intermediaries or direct selling.

Though, they enjoy their work and go back to house from kind lands night around 6pm every day, taking bath, having dinner and sleeping before 10 pm itself. There won’t be much work pressure and targets in their day-to-day work; they grandly commemorate every celebration and cultural events. For entertainment, they frequently go to nearby towns or cities and see motion pictures between the time spaces of their work. We can see great deal of unity and cool environment in Indian villages.

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Though few families have disputes in their routine life due to any factor, they join together to fight against any issue that disturbs their village and solve it effectively with dedication. Lifestyle at City level is quite different compared to villages. Days in cities pass like hours, life cycle is very fast and people are busy in their respective business and work. Most of the city population travels a number of kilometers to reach their work places. If their office timings are 8 hours a day, additionally need to spend two hours in travel to reach their office and home in return.

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Everyone will be busy in their work schedules. City people can enjoy only in weekends and holidays. Due to high level technology and availability and scope for rich education standards, city people are highly educated, posh and advanced in lifestyle. We can see a foreign culture mix in terms of wearing clothes and food habits in most of the city population. But while celebrating festivals, city people follow ethnicity and celebrate with traditional touch.

Town level people will have the flavor of both village and City. Their lifestyle is almost nearer to city lifestyle, but not a busy life like cities and not as advanced as city culture. They knew the updated technology, but very less people make use of it. Good thing is that town people can easily understand various accents and way of speaking of both village and city people. Though people live with different lifestyles, everyone enjoy their own way of living and respect Indian culture.

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Difference Between City, Town and Village

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