Dick Smith Cover Letter Essay

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Dick Smith Cover Letter

Please accept my enthusiastic application for the Retail salesperson. As soon as I saw your advertisement on Trademe.com, I knew I was the perfect candidate for the position. I believe my experience of encountering lots of different types of people from all of the activities i have joined before will be very helpful and useable for the position as i am a very patient person. Besides, i am not entering school until term 1 of 2015 because I just arrived here 3 weeks ago and was advised to start school only on term 1 of 2015 since term 4 of 2014 is ending soon. So i will be able to work whenever needed and i will be able to help out in any way. Also, it is only a few minutes away from my house so that won’t be a problem.

My passion about getting more experience about working and gaining knowledge about technologies would make me an excellent position for the retail salesperson. I have participated in lots of sports activities such as Karate, which i am in a brown-black belt now which is the one last stage before the black belt, got gold in kumite category in regionals and silver in kata category. Also been in the school Volleyball team and participated at Regionals, school Athlete (track and field) and managed to get silver at regionals, also a Dancer and got champions in competitions with my crew several times. Also do Rhythmic Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastic and got 5th placing in Rhythmic Gymnastic Malaysia Nationals senior category 2014.

Lastly, i also join Cheerleading and was the captain of my team back in Malaysia and managed to get champions at inter school competition during my first year of leading. By joining all sorts of activities from all different ages ranging from youngsters to elderly, I have became a confident person and a much better person. I am also the type of person that loves to keep everything in order and tidy so i can ensure the place would always be tidy. Since i was a kid, I was a natural leader of a certain group. I was also a school prefect for several times and i will always take care of my responsibly. By becoming a leader, i learned to gain confidence in speaking to groups. I have also been told that I have an approachable attitude and i myself know that cause I smile a lot and be friendly.

I have an average understanding of the general knowledge and interests of technologies. Also encountered lot of different type of people from all the activities i have joined before. I therefore know what sorts of attitude and types of people there are and can easily handle and talk to them. I have the skill to be able to talk in multiple languages. Such as Mandarin, and Malay. So i am pretty sure that may be an advantage as they are quite some Chinese’s here. I have been always been the problem solver between my friends and my all my teams in whatever the situation is since i have a very high patience. I am not schooling until 2015 so i will be free and be prepared to work on weekend/holiday shifts and to be able to work on odd occasion when needed. have enclosed my resume, thank you for taking you time to read this resume of mine and also Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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